Marvellous – Neil Baldwin aka Nello this Thursday 25th Sep BBC2

‘Marvellous’ is shown on BBC2 on Thursday September 25th at 21:00GMT and stars Toby Jones (a Stoke fan too!) playing the role of Nello

Neil ‘Nello’ Baldwin was kit man at Stoke City when Lou Macari was in charge (he makes a cameo appearance along with Gary Linekar) and a clown at Zippo’s Circus. He can still be found at Keele University (where he was awarded an honorary degree). It looks like a good piece of TV, part drama/real life and part musical/fantasy.

My claim to Nello fame is that I took him home to his mum’s back in 1987 when he was a volunteer at the Theatre Royal, Hanley where I was a volunteer too. He was only around for the panto ‘Mother Goose’, which starred Ken Dodd, whom Nello was friends with. Nice bloke although only being nineteen at that time was slightly worried when he said he had a suitcase full of letters to various members of the royal family (mostly to Prince Charles) I was welcome to read. I politely declined that one as I could have been reading those for days on end!

The Nello Macari clip is priceless…


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