Classic album: ELO – Time


Now ELO along with Queen are my all time favorite band and they have produced a few classic albums in my humble opinion, with this one, 1981’s ‘Time’ being one of them.

Engineered by Mack (who worked the following year with Queen on their Marmite album ‘Hot Space’!), the album has a futuristic theme and certainly more synths/effects than on any ELO album. ‘Hold On Tight’ (UK number 4) was the biggest hit off the album along with ‘Ticket To The Moon’.  ‘Here Is The News’ is a great song too, with fictional news stories added into the song. One of the best songs on the album is ‘Twilight’ featuring a fantastic piece of drumming by Bev Bevan. Those wonderful Jeff Lynne harmonies are present on ’21st Century Man’ and ‘Rain Is Falling’, despite being synth heavy in its sound, could have appeared on the ‘Out Of The Blue’ album.

The re-issue adds some great bonus songs, the rock ‘n’ roll fueled ‘Julie Don’t Live Here’ (the B-side of ‘Twilight’) and ‘When Time Stood Still’ (B-side of ‘Hold On Tight’). You can pick this album up on CD for under a fiver, well worth it!

Line-up wise it was Jeff Lynne, Kelly Groucutt, Richard Tandy and Bev Bevan on the album, with long standing members Mik Kaminski (violin) and Louis Clark (string synths) joining for the live dates along with Dave Morgan.

After this album they released one more, ‘Secret Messages’, with the four piece line-up before the departure of bass player Kelly Groucutt (who sadly passed away in 2009) under a bit of a cloud. Since then ELO have returned twice led by Jeff Lynne, in 2000 with the ‘Zoom’ album and then this year with a triumphant Hyde Park gig. Richard Tandy was the only other long standing member to be involved in both line-ups. Bev Bevan toured with ELO Part 2 and more recently with a version of the Move, a band he was a member of back in the 1960’s. Mik Kaminksi and Louis Clark toured with Bev in Elo Part 2 and in later ELO spin-offs Orkestra and the Ochestra (still touring now and featuring Glen Burtnick ex-Styx). Dave Morgan did a couple of albums back in the 80’s with Richard Tandy under the Tandy Morgan Band name.

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