Best of 2014 – Dave Clarke

Dave Clarke of Planet Earth Publicity gives his take on the music (and football!) of 2014…

What are your top albums of the year?

Jon Allen’s ‘Deep River’, Tom Fuller Band’s ‘Freedom’, The Young Folk’s ‘Little Battle.

Best gig(s) of the year?

Without question, Jarcrew’s first two gigs in a decade (at Le Pub in Newport on November 8th, and the following week at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff). Truly, truly stunning. Not only brilliant, but so much fun. There are not many gigs where you join the lead singer to do a conga around the venue. My new trainers were fucked after that – hahaha!

How was 2014 for you…

Brilliant, emotional and busy. The arrival of our baby girl Ivy has resulted in Ryanair trying to charge me for the bags under my eyes. I’d kill for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

…and what have you planned for 2015?

More sleep – and a fishing trip in The Highlands in August, amongst other things!

You can pick a line-up for Download (or Monsters Of Rock as it was known). Maximum seven bands (can be past or present) and brief reason why you’d pick them…

Jimi Hendrix Experience (circa 1968)

Led Zeppelin (circa 1975)

Doors (early 1970)

Urge Overkill (circa 1993)

The Black Crowes (circa 1992)

The Rolling Stones (circa 1972)

Jarcrew (2014)

…because these bands each rocked tremendously in those particular years.

Was Gene Simmons right saying rock is dead or was Dee Snider & others right in saying it’s not dead yet?

I think rock is now a niche genre, much like blues, jazz, reggae, etc. There’s plenty of appetite for it, but I think it’s had its mainstream day in the sun – for now. The classic rock band’s legacies still inspires millions of people, and will do for a long time to come, but I don’t envy new rock bands trying to make records that stand-up to what’s gone before them. I also don’t think rock is particularly fashionable outside of certain age groups right now. That’s not a bad thing, but more of a generational observation. I’d argue rock hasn’t been mainstream for 20 years.

That said, it only takes one great band to shift the music scene in a completely different direction, but I also think it’s becoming harder for such a band to have a genuine cultural impact. As an aside, I don’t think there’s much myth and mystery about new bands today. Social media has taken care of that, making a new band’s career feel like your dipping in an out of a real time documentary which, for the most part, isn’t ‘rock n roll’. The rules of engagement have changed, and therefore the way rock music is perceived is now very different.

How has the season been so far for Pompey and where do you hope you will finish in the table this season? Anything you’d change if you were manager for a game?

In order, a) Shit. B) Mid-table obscurity c) the team

Anything else to add…

Here’s  to a brilliant 2015!!!

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