Best of 2014 with Frederick Thunder of Neonfly

Guitarist Frederick Thunder with Neonfly, gives his best of for the year. Neonfly’s second album ‘Strangers In Paradise’ is one of the albums of the year for me…


What are your top albums of the year? In no particular order I really enjoyed:

Edguy – Space Police – such a  cool album, full of hooks and all the things that make Edguy such a great band. It’s great to see that after all these years they still put out great albums and manage to keep fresh with every new release.

Sonata Arctica – Pariah’s Child – Another great album, with some great tunes, a band that keeps moving forward creatively, but with this release they still managed to keep many of the elements that made their earlier success. I don’t get tired of listening to this one!

Breathe Carolina – Savages – I recently got into this band and I really like their sound. Really fun songs to party to!

Amaranthe – Massive Addictive – I think this is their best album by far, they’ve managed to make their modern metal sound a bit more varied in this album than in the previous two, and the riffs are killer!

Dirty Loops – Loopified – I can’t stop listening to this. It’s infectious!!!

Best gig(s) of the year? (can include you own band!)

TNT at Sweden Rock Festival. Oh how I love that band!!! –

Mago De Oz – London Underworld, it was really cool to get to see this Spanish band for the first time in London. They usually play stadiums in Spanish speaking countries… but rarely play outside of those. –

Ted Nugent at Sweden Rock Festival. What a guy!

How was 2014 for you…

Full of highs and lows… we got robbed on the road which was an extremely low point for the band, but in the end we manage to carry on, played a lot in the UK this year, released a new album, recorded a new video in Cyprus (it’ll be released in January), and played a really big show at the Forum in London with Epica and Dragonforce last weekend which was a great way to end the year!

…and what have you planned for 2015? Touring, touring, touring, and more touring! Hopefully…

You can pick a line-up for Download (or Monsters Of Rock as it was known). Maximum seven bands (can be past or present) and brief reason why you’d pick them…

Van Halen because Eddie Van Halen!!!

Led Zeppelin because I never got the chance to see them and they are the ultimate legends.

Virgin Steele, because I get so excited when I listen to that band… provided David can still sing the songs!

Meat Loaf – assuming he could still sing…

Dio – because we’re off to the witch, and we may never never never come home.

Savatage – because it’s such a cool band, and a million TSO, or Jon Oliva’s Pain, or Circle II Circle performances would never make up for the chance to see the real Savatage live!

Neonfly – Just because.

Was Gene Simmons right saying rock is dead or was Dee Snider & others right in saying it’s not dead yet?

I find this kind of debates silly. I don’t think rock is dead, otherwise I wouldn’t be trying to do this for a living. As a rock fan, it would be hard to be a fan if I considered rock was dead to me. As long as I like rock and I enjoy it then it would be pretty stupid to think that rock is dead, and I guess most rock fans feel the same way. If it’s not dead to you as a fan, then it’s not dead. And there are still millions of rock fans out there.

Anything else to add…

I’m naked right now.

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