Lots of great new music and it’s only February!

Blackberry Smoke have their new album ‘Holding All The Roses’ out now and it is great! Mix of rock ‘n’ roll, southern rock and country rock.

If you like melodic rock then Revolution Saints is one for you! It features Deen Castronova (Journey), Jack Blades (Night Ranger) and Doug Aldrich (ex-Whitesnake).

Prog wise Lonely Robot aka John Mitchell (It Bites/Arena/Frost*) is a fantastic album full of big soundscapes and very catchy songs. For those 80’s buffs you have members of Go West and Nik Kershaw guesting.

The Neal Morse Band’s ‘The Great Experiment’ is another cracking set of highly melodic prog rock tunes. Neal Morse is a musical wonder!

For a bit of classy metal the Level 10 album is good fun. It features vocalist Russell Allen and Matt Sinner (Primal Fear).

Orden Ogan have a real beast of a power metal album with ‘Ravenhead’. This band deserve bigger success as they always come up with the musical goods.

The upcoming Toto and FM albums are rather good to, the FM one is quite possibly their best album ever!

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