Five more years…

Well the election saw the Conservatives back with a 10 seat majority. I was sad to see the Liberal Democrats hit so badly at the polls, but then as I voted for them last time and ushered in a Tory government which I would never vote for, they knew what was coming. I am a lifelong liberal, don’t always vote for them as will always tactical vote to keep a Tory out 🙂

Now we have David Cameron back as PM I am fired up again politically as it will be a very interesting five years politically. The Tories will surge ahead with the ‘snooper’s charter’, repeal the fox hunting bill and there are other laws they will crack on with now they have no Lib Dems to reign them in.

There has to be balance in everything and now it is time to keep a close eye on and challenge Dave and his smug band every step of the way…

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