Stoke MP elected by just 19% of his constituents

Good old Stoke back in the news as Stoke Central MP and would be Labour leader, Tristram Hunt, was elected by just 19% of his constituents and the lowest turn out of all the seats contested at the election.

At least he recognises why the low turn out:

“In too many parts of the north of England and the Midlands, the electoral challenge we faced was from Ukip – selling an anti-metropolitan message about political elites uninterested in those ‘left behind’,” he wrote on Monday. “These were historically Labour areas who just simply felt that Labour was no longer for them.”

That’s why proportional representation will engage people in voting again and make sure parties don’t take the electorate for granted thinking they will be elected even on low turn outs. You can sign the petition for change here

Interesting that Stoke council is now a coalition between the Independents, Conservatives and Ukip (the Lib Dems lost their seats), meaning an end to the Labour run council. The new coalition plans to keep the council offices in Stoke centre and look to build a tram link between Stoke and Hanley, the main shopping area.

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