Finally catching-up with some new releases like Soto (earMusic) which features one of my favourite vocalists Jeff Scott Soto. This is his metal album and as much as I like metal (bar the pub metal of most NWOBHM!) this album has failed ot grab me. Couple of good tunes, will stick with it though.

Denis Chruchill Dries was the vocalist in 80’s pomp/melodic rockers White Sister, who I saw live twice back in the day at the Vic Hall, Hanley. This solo album is a ‘must have’ and his vocals are still amazing. He is helped by the lengendary Paul Sabu.

Lifehouse are one of those US bands massive in their homeland yet hardly known here in the UK. Their new album ‘Out Of The Wasteland’ is rather good, full of upbeat arena anthems and some cracking ballads.

Thunder’s new album ‘Wonder Days’ is a real return to form. Some of there albums have 3 or 4 great songs, then the rest is decidely okay (still better than a lot of bands though!). This album is a treat from start to finish. Danny Bowes still has the vocal power and it is a good mix of rock anthems like ‘I Love The Weekend’ and more slower numbers like ‘The Rain’.

House Of Lords newie features another strong set of songs. Vocalist James Christian is last man standing from the original 80’s band, although this line-up has lasted longer than any other in the band’s history. His other half Robin Beck can be heard more on the backing vocals/high notes. Only thing I would like to see back, even for one album, are the pomp keys of old from Mr Guiffria.

Five Grand Stereo’s debut album ‘Sex & Money’ is a heady mix of 70’s rock of Bowie/Lou Reed and classy power pop. Featuring Chris Singleton you know it will be good quality music. Highly recommended.

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