In praise of…SLADE

Their heyday was the 70’s and early/mid-80’s, they had loads of hits in the UK of course in the 1907’s and US success in the 80’s. They even helped Quiet Riot launch their career with a cover of Slade’s ‘Cum On Feel The Noize‘.

Their songs have wide appeal and they penned some great ballads like ‘My Oh My’ and ‘Everyday’. Sadly their last attempt at chart success in 1991 with ‘Radio Wall Of Sound’ failed, despite sounding very AOR it was a couple of years too late as grunge was taking over and made no.21 in the UK charts. The follow-up ‘Universe’ from the same hits compilation failed to chart.

One of the few rock bands from the 1970’s who could reform with their original line-up intact, although sadly highly unlikely as neither Noddy Holder nor Jim Lea are not likely to be involved. Noddy Holder reinforced his desire not to sing again with Slade in a recent interview. Classic Rock magazine did think they may announce a one-off reunion in 2011, sadly nothing happened.

Slade II have been around since 1992, a year after the original band split, featuring original members Dave Hill and Don Powell. They still tour regularly and tour shortly with Andy Scott’s Sweet and Mud II around the UK.

One of my favourite Slade songs…crank it up and get yourself a compilation by the band at least if you have nothing from this classic band in your collection.

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