Dangerous Music reunite for new album and tour


Dangerous Music launch their new album ‘Painful Kiss’. Robin George, Jon Camp from Renaissance and Charlie Morgan from Elton John reunited.

Jon and Robin first worked together touring in Roy Wood´s band and formed a strong friendship and musical alliance which inevitably led to Robin inviting Jon to join Dangerous Music.

Charlie Morgan was introduced to the band by legendary producer Gus Dudgeon and is the featured drummer on Dangerous Music II. Charlie continued to work with Robin on the LovePower & Peace charity album, Robin’s History album and then the Climax Blues ‘Broke Heart Blues’ album featuring Pete Haycock, Jacquie Williams and Mel Collins.

This all led to an inspirational musical partnership which has lasted to this day. So watch this space! The guys are already writing and recording together for their next ground-breaking Dangerous Music album!
Now Dangerous Music rock on with ‘Painful Kiss’…brand new songs and the band’s innovative versions of Robin’s songs, performed and recorded by Robert Plant, Phil Lynott, David Byron, Glenn Hughes, Pete Haycock, Ruby Turner, Jaki Graham, Daniel Boone, Vix Fuzzbox, Pete Way, Chris Slade, Sean Harris and many others.

Jon’s distinctive classical bass, Charlie`s inimitable rock solid musical drums and Robin’s unique melodic rock guitar combine for a truly original soundscape from this matchless power trio.

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