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Dearest Friends of The Dowling Poole.

We’ve been quiet for a while. A long while.

You’ll have noticed perhaps?

Well lets face it, there’s an awful lot of noise out there on the internet to contend with these days. We thought we’d wait until we had something to say before adding to it.

The announcement that we HOPE that you’ve been waiting for, is actually not this one. That will come early in the New Year. January 7th to be precise.

In the meantime, we thought in the best tradition of teasing, we’d offer up something that might offer you a little seasonal joy and a minor Proustian rush.

If you follow this link – you’ll find three new videos of acoustic performances of tracks from the ‘Bleak Strategies’ sessions.

The audio recordings from these videos are also available as mp3’s free to everyone (follow the link, just as a wee warm up, and a taste of what was…..before we move on in January to talk about what is.

And if you didn’t already download it during the campaign for Bleak Strategies, you can also download for free, the full electric version of The Strawman from the same page.

Finally, over the last year or so, we received and rather rudely ignored, lots of requests to make lyrics for Bleak Strategies available. We finally got around to making some up, and they’re here.

Please post/share the videos and audio wherever you see fit and you’ll lear from us again on January 7th

Love, Your chums

The Dowling Poole

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