RIP – Lemmy

Growing up as a kid and getting into my lifetime love of rock and metal, Lemmy always seemed pretty darn scary! The facial warts and hair, the gravelly voice and his whole demeanour said ‘Mr Rock N Roll’. As I got older I realised he was a very down to earth person judging by his interviews and actions.

I have always been into the music, more than the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle of drinking and drugs. But I admire Lemmy as he epitomises all that I love about rock – he is an indidvidual, looks after his friends (and fans), loves the music and doesn’t give a damn what trends are.  Plus he was born in my hometown of Stoke-on-Trent (well Burslem)!

Music wise I love Motorhead’s ‘1916’ and ‘Orgasmatron’ albums and a lot of their classic songs. The first song I heard by them was actually the cover they did with Girlschool as Headgirl, their awesome version of the rock ‘n’ roll classic from Johnny Kidd & the Pirates, ‘Please Don’t Touch’.

Motorhead were rock ‘n’ roll as Lemmy often stated in interviews, just very loud rock ‘n’ roll 🙂

“Very basic music – loud, fast, city, raucous, arrogant, paranoid, speed-freak rock n roll. It will be so loud that if we move in next door to you, your lawn will die” – talking about Motorhead’s music, via the BBC.

RIP Lemmy


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