Davy O’List, who has during his colourful career, has been a founding member of Roxy Music, sideman to Bryan Ferry and John Cale, as well as a producer, writer, arranger and performer for bands such as Pink Floyd, The Attack and The Nice, proudly introduces his latest solo album, Second Thoughts.

This highly anticipated new album comes 18 years since last solo release ‘Flight of the Eagle’.  An elusive figure within the British rock scene, Davy was once voted within the

Top 100 guitarists ever by Classic Rock Magazine, yet in recent years, his disappearance from the music scene has remained a mystery to fans across the world.

Over the years Davy has produced singles and albums for The Attack, The Nice and Roxy Music, along with various others artists for Island Records, CBS and various indie labels.  Through his production work he became a pioneer, where he was one of the first in line to commercialise the blending of rock, pop, funk, jazz and classical music, in order to establish chart success.

‘Second Thoughts’ sees Davy returning to Prog Rock routes, a genre which he helped define in the late 60s during his time in The Nice.

Promo for the new record has included several interviews in Uncut Magazine throughout the progress of the new album, including a five page feature in 2014 and another which called his new material ‘Spectacular. Some tracks sound like long-lost Prog classics from 1973’.

Interviews with Davy have featured in Prog, Classic Rock and Record Collector magazines, alongside numerous glowing reviews, including a 4 star review in Classic Rock which said ‘Key to its appeal is O’List’s guitar tone, surely the best in Western civilisation‘. Record Collector, who also gave the album 4/5, said it was ‘Bursting with ideas’.

During his career Davy became notorious for his incredible live performances, so it’s with great excitement that he’s announced several live dates in October and November this year and a show at The Borderline in London on Saturday 23rd January.

☆☆☆☆ – Classic Rock Magazine ‘Key to its appeal is O’List’s guitar tone, surely the best in Western civilisation‘

☆☆☆☆ – Record Collector ‘Bursting with ideas’

THE BORDERLINE Orange Yard, Manette St, London W1D 4JB

SATURDAY 23rd JANUARY 2016 Doors 7.30pm

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