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…And the beat goes on….GIG NEWS!!!

Once more intruding into your personal cyberspace with a brief update in case you’ve missed stuff. And with so many social media platforms that we’re apparently all using these days, you would think it almost impossible to miss stuff, but ironically it becomes harder to spot everything and by all accounts, more slips through our respective social media nets now, than was doing over the last few years.

All of which makes our job of trying to raise awareness about our new album ‘One Hyde Park’ all the less palatable, particularly when every other day, one or other musical hero exits via the last of the stage doors, making any attempt at playing ‘upbeat enthusiastic promoters’ at best awkward and at worst, highly inappropriate.

So, to the meat of it…..

We’re finally playing a full electric live show in London at The Borderline on Saturday May 14th and we have a very limited number of special offer tickets available exclusively through our pledge page.

With the limited edition ticket, for just £25 you get to see the show, and collect a T-shirt featuring Edwina One in the size of your choice, and a very special CD single featuring the songs ‘Rebecca Receiving’ and ‘One Hyde Park’. These singles were made for radio promotion only, in a unique sleeve, and there are so few available it’s pitiful. You’ll collect both T-shirt and CD single from the merchandise stand on the day of the gig.

All of this rather gives the game away that before too long, (Feb 19th in fact) ‘Rebecca Receiving’ will be released as a single, but we’ll keep you posted on that front since we’re hoping to persuade at least some of you to do a little hustling on our behalf.

However, we’re getting ahead of ourselves slightly and next week, three weeks before the single is released, you’ll get a notification that the video goes live.

Hopefully, you’ll have spotted the second in our series of videos giving a behind the scenes look at The Dowling Poole and the making of ‘One Hyde Park’ but here’s the link if it slipped by unnoticed. And as ever, if you’ve the time and inclination, please share with everyone.

Scan the obituary columns and fingers crossed ’til next week….Happy Weekend!

Jon & Willie

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