DOWLING POOLE announce a new single

Rebecca video still EYELASH with logo


From today, you can click this link and watch the video for Rebecca Receiving the first single to be released from ‘One Hyde Park. Watch it twice. Or three times. The more views the better. Popularity is a fickle mistress and she makes monstrous demands.

Rebecca Receiving will be available to download from iTunes but not until February 19th and it will come with two other exclusive songs not on the ‘One Hyde Park’ album, (we’ll remind you on Feb 19th).

Meanwhile, we’d like you to send this link to the video to all your musical friends. We’re hoping that the video and single might pull in a few more people to pre-order the album. Every. Little. Helps.

We’d also like you to email us back at this address and let us know if you know of a DJ on local or national radio who might have enough freedom from playlists to play this song. Even better if you have an email for them. Let us know, and we’ll approach them, and then you email them and ask them directly. Multi-pronged attack.

Is this asking too much of you? Well – yes we’d say it probably is, but apparently, this is what the kids are having to do o get noticed these days and if it’s good enough for the kids…..

Jon, Willie and Givvi

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