Oh dear Survivor…

Seems original vocalist Dave Bickler is out of Survivor and he found out via Twitter.

From Dave Bickler’s Facebook page:
“To all my dear fans, Bitter sweet news that I am no longer a member of Survivor. Just wanted to share that with you. There is no longer a place for me in the band. So I’ll be moving on and direct all my energies to my solo project. And thank you for all your support. Peace. Dave……”

Now the band are down to just one original member guitarist Frankie Sullivan (next longest serving member is bassist Billy Ozzello who has been in the band on and off since 1995). Cameron Barton is now the sole vocalist – he replaced Jimi Jamison who sadly passed away. Wish the band would call it a day as no chance of any new material and they just seem to be playing smaller gigs each time. Plus what a dreadful way to treat Dave Bickler, the man who sang on their biggest hit ‘Eye Of The Tiger’.

You could argue Foreigner are in a similar state with one original member, guitarist Mick Jones, who due to ill health has not been appearing at all their shows or playing a full set. However, they have released one new studio album in the past decade and in Kelly Hansen have a livewire vocalist. It is a tough call for these bands I guess as the fans want to hear the classics and sales of new albums are not great, unless you are say Journey. Hence a band like Foreigner release a series of live hits albums, much like REO Speedwagon and Styx did throughout the 90’s. Heck Molly Hatchett tour and they have no original members at all or any from their classic late 70’s/early 80’s period.

I love my classic bands releasing new albums, but I guess I am in the minority and these band’s key market is the US where the audience just want to hear the hits and not much more.

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