An ode to St. Giles’s and St. George’s School


Will We Ever See the Likes of Giles and George Again?

Giles and George are familiar names in Newcastle town
Is that why they are now starting to pull them down?
Is this the reward for distinguished educational service over a century in time?
Look out my friend you may be the next one in the line.
The scene is set for this dastardly deed

There are no further arguments to which the council will heed
The appearance of white funereal shrouds in the trees this weekend
Reflect the air of sadness and loss in those who would not wish it to end
Their fate is fast approaching now and there is no turning back
Developers, planners and councilors have all had their say

Their knowledge, skills and experiences all contribute to professional power
Ensuring they get their own way
The proposed ‘Hub’ must deliver the promised improvements in reality
Piecemeal success is no longer an option in delivery of the totality.

Failure to amalgamate and co-ordinate the remaining components of this massive development
Will doubtless raise questions about the scale of demolition tried
Posing the loss of identity, active community involvement and pride.
We surely realize by now the important values in relation to our communities
Buildings – their architecture, design and usefulness are important in dimensions ensuring views on success

As are qualities of the local environment, clean air and attractive visual features
Capture, protect and evaluate our beliefs and provide the platform for the next generation to pick up the challenge
Few pass through life without making some impact
Giles and George I guess are no exception to this rule

Providing the means of achieving this through the school
Perhaps some means may yet be devised
To highlight the partnership of school, benefactors and teachers over the years being fully recognized
To honour the memory of St. Giles’s and St. George’s school.

By Professor Bob Ritchie

The hub is to house Newcastle Borough Council, some staff from Staffs County Council, the library, police, social services and registrar. To create this the above school and historic building has been demolished.

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