Glandular fever

I was diagnosed with glandular fever (GF) four weeks again, although had been feeling ill since the end of September. I had tonsillitis first and thought that was it, however a blood test revealed I had GF. It was a real shock especially as I am over 45!

There is not a lot of advice out there for us old ‘uns. However, this blog is very useful focussing on how to keep a positive mind set. I have also found Paul McKenna’s ‘Control Stess’ a real eye opener and help. I was previously very cynical of his work, not any more.

It can appear as various symptoms anywhere in your body, although look out for swollen glands in your neck, tongue, under armpits and even your groin. It does knock you for six and make sure your family and friends understand it as it doesn’t show many visible symptoms like say a cold.

Anyone with GF out there please do get in touch and I will post up useful links etc. I find.

Take lots of vitamins especially B ones; rest is key although keep some activity; don’t push yourself as GF will kick back at you; above all listen and respect what your is telling you.😉

3 Responses to “Glandular fever”

  1. I used to be plagued by tonsillitis and used to get really ill from it but I finally had them out in my late 30s and never have so much as a sore throat now. Keep on blogging!

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