Long term effects of glandular fever

Some three years on from contracting glandular fever (GF) it appears to have had long term effects on my health. These include getting fatigued still (different to feeling tired as with fatigue your body just won’t do any more or you feel ill/nauseous), my glands showing red on the side of my neck and my tongue hurting and a pain under my left armpit (again most likely a gland issue). The glands issue appears if I get anxious/stressed or seemingly if I enjoy myself too much!

It also seems the older you are when you get GF the longer it can last and the issues caused often worse. It is almost as if your body is at war with itself as you experience symptoms associated with other illnesses. Mine originally started with a bad bout of tonsillitis, which was treated with antibiotics but after that and following blood tests, GF was diagnosed. This lasted from October 2016 until February 2017 when I was finally able to return to work, although it was some months after until I started to feel fully ‘back to normal’.

If anyone else has longer term health issues after having glandular fever please get in touch/comment.

One comment

  1. Nearly seven years I have been like this . The exact symptoms you have written.. I get so exhausted and In so much pain.

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