Book review – Liar Liar by Mel Sherratt

Avon Books [Publication date 10.02.20]

I have to admit a slight bias as this book is based in my home town (well city) of Stoke and Mel Sherratt uses most of the local names and places, bar changing a few names like the local newspaper, to give an authentic air.

I have read a few of Mel Sherratt’s books previously but none of the DS Grace Allendale series until now. All the usual Sherratt ingredients are here including strong female characters, a plot set in amongst the city’s criminal underworld and a fast pace.

DS Grace Allendale has to cut through the web of lies woven by the family of the young boy who is injured in what seemingly seems an accident. More a crime thriller than a police procedural, as Sherratt focuses more on reactions and emotions of the main characters, rather than the nitty gritty of an investigation.

One of crime writing’s rising stars and ‘Liar Liar’ comes highly recommended.

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