Been awhile since I did one of these as there is so much new music to listen to and not enough time!

First up, a family band in the shape of The Meadows: Melody, Fantasia, Harvey and Titania. The siblings’ second album ‘Dreamless Days’ is due for release on 24 September 2021 on Pokey Cupboard Records.
The inspiration for the new record came from the enforced focus brought by lockdown. The band changed direction to write, record and produce an original album, working with Steve Balsamo (do check out his solo work well worth a listen) on the song he contributed ‘Dream You Into Life’.  The album was recorded at their home studio, affectionately known as ‘Pokey Cupboard Studios’. The inspiration for the album is dreams, faith, the landscape of Wales, old haunts, childhood memories, the changing world and their beloved dogs. Each band member has their own dog!
Music wise Melody plays flute, piano, violin, guitar, whistles, recorder, bodhrán and also sings. Fantasia plays piano, violin and sings. Harvey plays violin, piano, guitar, bodhrán and also sings. Titania is the lead vocalist, but also plays piano, violin, percussion and ocarina.

As the album title suggests this is wonderfully dreamy folk, none more so than on ‘Lullaby’ and the title track. Shades of the mighty Clannad on ‘Dried White Rose’ as the band make full use of their vocal harmonies. ‘Merlin’s Oak’ ups the pace with a januty refrain, whilst the instrumental ‘Gelli Aur’ is a wistful piece of Celtic music. The Balsamo penned ‘Dream You Into Life’ fits perfectly into the album’s overall sound and feel. Titania has a soothing singing style, with the piano providing the musical anchor.

Those who like the Celtic tradition done in the hands of young folk musicians will find much to enjoy on this one by the talented Meadows.

And for something completely different as Monty Python would say...the Howling, a band liked by Ricky Warwick of the Black Star Riders. Not bad at all, see what you think…

Angsty indie pop? Look no further than ther new EP from Wings of Desire.

“Featuring ex members of INHEAVEN, the now two-piece have moved towards an American indie sound, and Wings Of Desire was born out of a need to understand the world. James and Chloe are a couple that spent many a night obsessing over their favourite musical eras (Krautrock, Berlin-era Bowie, Early Noughties New York, and Factory Records) and fiercely debating everything from 60s counter culture to the human condition. What naturally came together was a musical project that conveys the complexities of life against an immersive and sentimental backdrop.*

Sometimes the PR blurb nails it! Four songs of which two are stand outs, namely ‘OUTTAMAMIND’ sounding like Talking Heads gone disco. Then we have ‘Choose A Life’, what the young folk would call a banger…

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