Bev Bevan (ELO/THE MOVE) interview 2006


Drummer Bev Bevan was a founding member of both the MOVE and ELO, the latter went onto massive worldwide success in the 70’s and early 80’s before calling it a day in the mid-80’s. Bevan also drummed on BLACK SABBATH’s ill fated ‘Born Again’ album that featured IAN GILLAN on vocals.
In the 90’s he was a founding member of ELO PART II, who featured fellow ex-ELO members KELLY GROUCUTT, MIK KAMINSKI & LOUIS CLARK. They released two studio albums and played a memorable gig at the Royal Albert Hall. When JEFF LYNNE came back with a new ELO album BEV BEVAN left ELO PART II and they had to change their name for legal reasons (hence no answers to Q’s 6 & 7 I guess). Nowadays BEV BEVAN hosts a radio show on Saga FM plus tours with BEV

1. What are you currently up to? (E.g. touring/studio, etc.)

Touring with “Bev Bevans Move”, radio show “Bev Bevan’s Jukebox on Saga105.7fm”, “Bev Bevan’s Retro Rock CD reviews in the “Sunday Mercury”

2. How did get a version of the Move back together and what did it feel like performing the songs live again?

Phil Bates, Phil Tree and Neil Lochwood are old friend’s, great musicians and it’s great working with them and playing some fine music too.

3. How did you get the opportunity to become a DJ and what do you like best about doing your radio shows?

I approached Saga105.7fm with the idea. I just love playing my favourite songs from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s.

4. Why do you think ELO are getting more recognition for their music now than they ever did at their peak as the critics in particular were never fans of the band.

Quality music stands the test of time.

5. Who made you want to start drumming? Any one you would love to work with in the future if given the chance?

Rock n roll music of my childhood inspired me – Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Ray Charles, Eddie Cochran

6. Why did you leave ELO Part 2? Were the band happy with how Telstar promoted the first ELO Part 2 album or did you all feel more could have been done?

(No answer)

7. Would you ever be tempted into an ELO reunion with Jeff Lynne, Richard Tandy et al if it was offered to you? (Highly unlikely I know!)

(No answer)

8. Which song(s) do you enjoy performing most live and why?

Of “Bev Bevan’s Move” current setlist, the songs I most enjoy playing are “Purple Haze”, “Strange Brew”, “Need Your Love so Bad” etc.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Playing Golf, watching football, movies, reading, concerts, exercising my dogs, wine, my wife’s cooking!

10. Message to your fans…

Come see the band! Get in touch by emailing

Kind regards
Bev Bevan

One comment

  1. Hi Bev
    Just had a pleasurable few minutes re-living my early teens in the ’70’s watching your video of ELO’s ” Showdown” (with backdrop of London skyline). Wow you were the cutest drumme ever! Lol. Vanessa Lander. Thanks for the memory …. X

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