Birthday wall

Well in this modern hi-tech age you need to move with the times! So as it is my wife’s, Nabila’s 40th birthday in June what better way than to have a birthday wall where you can leave a birthday message? She won’t know about this page until the day (Nabila doesn’t look at my rambling blog) so ‘mum’s the word’ until then please.

Thanks for adding a message 🙂

So what was number one back in 1970 when the good lady was born (with an amazing seven weeks at number one pop pickers)…Mungo Jerry!

Also back in June 1970 Brazil beat Italy to win the World Cup…Edward Heath becomes Prime Minister after Labour’s Harold Wilson called a June election to try and cash in on the World Cup but it backfired on him…Tonga becomes independent of the UKUS voting age lowered to 18…US troops withdraw from Cambodia

A jolly little four piece from Birmingham also broke through in 1970…

On the old goggle box in 1970 you had…

Monty Python’s Flying Circus, the Clangers and the Goodies

In the cinema as…

M*A*S*H* Love Story

and it was the year the Beatles broke up.

For a bit more on 1970…

39 Responses to “Birthday wall”

  1. Happy Birthday Nabila, and many more to come. From your friends, The Cotton Soeterboek Band.

  2. To the most gorgeous and loving sister ever imaginable. I hope that your day is filled with love, love, love and surprises as special as you are. Hugs and kisses Fifi xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:)

  3. Hi Nabila,

    A very happy 40th Birthday! Hope you enjoy your day

    With love from Carole (Cazzaramics)

  4. Oldstokie Says:

    Happy B’day, Nabila. Have a great day. You’re just about the right age 🙂


  5. Hi Nabila hope you have a great Birthday and many more…Im 40 this time so I know hoow it feels 😉


    David Readman

  6. Blimey, WHS Staines all seems such a long time ago now! Much love and Progtastic 40th Birthday –

    Mark Colton & CREDO

  7. Hi babes….Wishing you a very very very happy 40th birthday…. I bet you will have a fabulous day…I wish I could be there to share your special day…but am not so sure under the circumstances…. house guests galore here around our wedding time… so wont be able to get away…. Wish you have a super duper day and many more to come your way…and babes…wish you all that you wish for yourself… may all your dreams come true….
    Lots of love big hugs and “puppies” mmmwwuuuhhaaaaaaah!!!!
    Sajla x

  8. To the BEST friend in the whole wide world – have a fantastic birthday!!! You more than deserve it! Have fun and enjoy your special day from beginning to end. May the new year in your life bring you lots of good health, happiness and make all your little and big wishes come true. Loads of love and a big birthday hug from your Netti x x x

  9. Best wishes on your Birthday, Billy.

  10. Kameron Says:

    To Mummy, have a very special birthday. Put Baba in charge of nappy duty.

    From Baby Pear (with a little help from Big Bro) x x x x x

  11. Hi Honey !!! Happy 40 th Birthday … Hope you truly have a great day as your so special and the best friend a gal can have .. Your my star !! As they say life starts at 40 !! Hopefully me and Romanah will be there celebrate with you.
    You truly are a wonderful person and thanks for being there and always showing you care . Have a wonderful time babe !!! love and kisses always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Romanah Says:

    happy bday auntie nabila cant wait to see you all. Have a wonderful day you deserve it . Big hugs from Romanah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  13. Caroline Hunter Says:

    Happy 40th Birthday Nabila! Have a wonderful day – hope you are pampered and spoilt all day. Thanks for all your support over the years with Enterprise Club. It’s a real pleasure to have got to know you.
    Lots of love, Caroline, Alistair, Kevin and Kerry xxxx


  15. Happy 40th Birthday, although I don’t believe you are a day over 39!!! Where do the years go?!!! Anyway, have a great day. Lots of love Nikk and Ally. XX

  16. 40??? FORTY??? Blimey I’m dreading gettin that old. Forty…! That’s almost a hundred. Aaaaargghhhh!!!!

  17. welcome to the 40’s Nabila. Have a lovely day, sorry i am working as usual!! I’ll let u guys know when i am in the heathrow area and we can catch up xx

  18. Colin Strong Says:

    Many happy returns, Nabila.

    They say that life begins at 40!

    Have a very special day.

  19. Nabila is a fun loving hippy silly crazy happy fabulous rock chic. Bring on the next 40 years!!!!

    From Mao Ali

  20. Have a fun & rockin’ 40th Nabila!! Holly xo

    From Holly Craven

  21. Have a great, fun, fantastic and rockin’ birthday xx

  22. Susan Burris Says:

    Happy birthday to a beautiful, awsome, and terrific friend who still knows how to rock it at 40!!!

    Big smooches to ya!!!!!

    Susan Burris.

  23. Steve J Says:

    Howdy Billy, now you are a fully fledged adult you can start to enjoy some of Jason’s more melodic style of ROCK. Welcome to the center ground of middle age. Have a great day partner ( i mean the partner bit as in what a cowboy might say in case Jason is reading this) not that i’m coming as a cowboy to the party. It’s very hush hush.

    Love Steve. PS I noted that Alex put best wishes. He really meant Love Alex, but you know what us Jenkins boyz are like!

  24. Well, well, well. I can’t be. I don’t believe you are catching me up, Bills. But somehow … you never seem to ne any older to me. You are always young, always lovely and always full of smiles and love. Always stay the way you are, kiddo. You’re the best ! x

    From Tim Edwards

  25. Adam Williams Says:

    Hey Birthday Girl! Sorry I couldn’t be there but hope you’re having a wonderful time! Sending you a big hug and sloppy kiss! X

  26. Hi Nabila,

    Wishing you the best possible birthday for your 40th, and have a great summer too.


    Ray aka Mungo Jerry

  27. Yiannis (John) Stefanis Says:

    Hi there Nabila,
    Yiannis here – the Greek guy that ‘works’ together with Jason on GRTR! My best wishes for your birthday in my native language:

    Σου εύχομαι τις καλύτερες ευχές μου για τα γενέθλια σου! Να είσαι πάντα δυνατή και ευτυχισμένη, με τους ανθρώπους που αγαπάς!!

    Για πάντα φίλος!

    Γιάννης Στεφάνης

  28. Hi Nabila,

    You know it would have never worked out between us..anyway have a fab day, hope that Stokie Boy spoils you rotten…got to go..I can hear Ange calling!!

    Brad P

  29. Happy birthday – hope you have an awesome day. :0) x

  30. Dee Mangat Says:

    “Happy 40th Birthday to you Nibila” – hope you have a lovely birthday for Sunday Love & Best wishes from, Dee & Family xx

  31. sharon currell Says:

    hi Nabila

    have a lovely day. soon you’ll be catching up with me!!

    Best wishes

    Sharon (Jason’s ex workmate)

  32. Colin Randall Says:

    Hi Nabila,

    I hope that you have a lovely birthday and

    wish you all the best for the future!

    Best Wishes

    Colin (Another ex workmate of Jason!)

  33. Uncle Brian and aunty Kath Says:

    Happy 40th. Have a great day.
    Love and best wishes from uncle Brian and aunty Kath

  34. mum and dad Says:

    Hi Nabila

    We hope you have lovely 40th birthday and hope you have a great time.
    We wish you good health and happiness for now and the future.
    Love and best wishes from mum and dad x

  35. jasmine Says:

    Hey mama! have a great b day!! HOPE U GET EVERYTHING U WANT!! L:)L
    luv u more than everything!!!

  36. Amber, baby Says:

    Wish you a very happy 40th, btw you still look like a 16 year old, young, beautiful, and a true rock chic. Love you

  37. Derek Beesley Says:

    Happy 40th birthday Nabila hope you have a great day. The big 40 WOW!!!

  38. Happy 40th Birthday Nabila Khala! May you have many many more! I had a blast at your birthday party 🙂 I love you loads!



  39. mike dimelow Says:

    Nabila, I missed this completely. I hope you had a great birthday. Things are good with my family, I do hope the same applies to yours. We are currently sunning ourselves in the usa, key west to be exact. X mike d

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