Odemwingine signs a new one year contract

Great to see Peter Odemwingie sign a one year contract extension to the summer of 2016. He was injured for much of last season and we missed his pace and shooting skills.

Seems Chelsea will raise their offer for Begovic to £8m who has all but put pen to paper. Possibly Stoke are holding out for a season long loan on a Chelsea player.

The club have had a bid for £12m accepted by Inter Milan for Xherdan Shaqiri, although the player may not want to leave Inter having only joined them six months ago. He nearly signed for us in January.

No news on the Jon Walters contract talks as he has a year left to run on his current deal and could be off.

Few clubs now supposedly bidding for Steven NZonzi with Monaco the latest to be linked to him.

The Konoplianka saga rumbles on but I don’t honestly think he will join us. More likely to sign is Ghanian midfielder Emmanuel Aguemang Badu, who would offer competition for Glen Whelan in the team.


Peter James newsletter

Having just got his latest paperback looking forward to reading it! An author who kindly supported my fundraising this year.
PeterJames - Newsletter
Out now in the UK! Paperback now available!  Order now at Amazon.co.uk! 


Perfect People
Coming soon! November 4, 2011  

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Out now in the US! Order now at Amazon.com!   


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Hello again,

A sooner-than-usual follow up to my last newsletter, but there is a lot happening and on top of that, voting for the ITV 3 People’s Bestseller Dagger Awardcloses at the end of next week on Oct 7th.I’ve just found out that in addition to voting 5 times with each email address, you can phone vote 5 times via telephone on each number!  With the very heavy competition I am facing, I would hugely appreciate every vote you can give me – and also if you can badger family members and friends to vote as well! I am also giving a special treat!!!  If (big “if”) I win, I will invite all my fans for fish and chips on Brighton Pier in the following weeks!  My lovely Canadian publishers are going to do the same in their office in Toronto!


The email voting link is:  

For those in the UK who’d like to phone as well ( I don’t expect those of you overseas to make long-distance calls!), 
you simply dial:  090 1616 1403

I am also happy to announce that the week before last, the paperback of Dead Like You was released in the USA – I was at Bouchercon, the world’s larges mystery writer’s convention, in St. Louis, Missouri for the launch.  Then, last week I was in Toronto, Canada for the launch of Dead Man’s Grip there.   

I have some special connections with Canada.  I lived in Toronto during the 1970s and loved it.  But also, in 1967 one of my aunts jumped over Niagara Falls.  Everyone thought she had committed suicide, but there is growing speculation in the family, as stuff is emerging about her past, that perhaps she was pushed…  I went to the scene and am wondering whether I ought to bring Roy Grace onto the case…

This week sees the publication in the UK of Dead Man’s Grip in paperback, which I am really excited about!  It is available for purchase at both Amazon.co.uk and Tesco.

Also, November 4th is drawing closer, which sees the publication of Perfect People, my thriller about “designer babies” (available to preorder at Amazon.co.uk and Tesco).  When I started work on this novel 10 years ago it was very much the stuff of fiction, but now it is all becoming a scary reality.  Very soon, parents will have the option of choosing qualities like the level of empathy of their child.  Will they go for a sweet, gentle boy or girl, or someone tough?  If they go for someone tough, he or she could turn into a sociopath, but if they go for someone gentle, they could end up being trampled on.  

I have written Perfect People very much in my usual short chapters and page-turner style, but it contains some very important issues.  I think it is a book that fans of my Roy Grace novels and my previous novels will enjoy.

Thank you so much in advance, for all of you kind enough to vote for me and pass it along.  Please remember I always love to hear from you on Twitter, on blog posts, on Facebook and by email at scary@pavilion.co.uk.

Very best,


Peter James news

Hello again,

Welcome to my newly improved newsletter – in keeping with my newly redesigned website, which I hope you will take a look at, if you haven’t already.

Firstly, I’d like to ask you all a favour, please.  I’ve been shortlisted for the very prestigious and high profile ITV3 People’s Bestseller Dagger Award, which will be televised in the UK on October 7th.  The award is decided entirely by public vote, and I’m up against some stiff competition, so I’m counting on my fans for support.  I would be hugely grateful if you voted for me, and spread the word to friends to do the same.  You may vote up to five times each, but the sixth vote nullifies the first five, so exercise caution.


I’m also delighted to tell you that thanks to you, my wonderful readers, Dead Man’s Grip went straight to No. 1 on the UK bestseller lists!  Almost equally as pleasing, it prevented the new James Bond book, Carte Blance by Jeffery Deaver, from reaching that spot!

I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffery in New York two weeks ago – we each contributed a chapter, for charity, to a fun serial novel titled No Rest For The Dead – and attended the launch signing of the book.  This photograph shows just how pleased he was to see me!!!

Peter James

In other exciting news, my thriller about “designer babies”, Perfect People, which I have been working on for ten years, is set for publication in the UK starting November 4th (click to preorder at Amazon.co.uk).  I’m very happy with the jacket design, and I hope you’ll agree.

I am off to Washington D.C. tomorrow to meet with an FBI agent who spent two years in Iran tracking down a terror suspect.  He ultimately arrested the man, brought him to the USA for trial and was then invited by the suspect to his execution.  Chilling, but fascinating.  I am also attending an international detective conference while there, which is an annual event and a great resource for my work.  The perfect inspiration for future Roy Grace stories…

Meanwhile, I am happy to report that I am progressing on the 8th Roy Grace novel, Dead Man Laughing, which will drop in the UK in May of 2012.

Thank you so much in advance, for all of you kind enough to vote for me and pass it along.  Please remember I always love to hear from you on Twitter, on blog posts, on Facebook and by email at scary@pavilion.co.uk.

Very best,

Top 10 highest bidded charity auction items to date…

  Top 10 highest bidded items… Final selling price
1 Rebus whisky £1,319.00
2 Signed Red Dwarf script £857.77
3 Signed Harry James drumsticks £103.00
4 Vinny Burns guitar lesson £62.00
5 Signed FM CD £41.00
6 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘Sleepwalking’ poster £35.27
7 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £35.00
8 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £31.00
9 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘OASTN’ poster £26.10
10 Signed David Tennant photo £21.00


I am still amazed at how much the Rebus whisky went for and the signed Red Dwarf script (signed by Rimmer aka Chris Barrie). I have been doing these signed items for charity for a while now and it is always fun to see a) what you can get kindly donated and b) the final selling price. Onwards and upwards!

Signed Simon Brett book for charity auction


A signed copy of Simon Brett’s new paperback ‘The Shooting In The Shop’ with all proceeds to the Beating Bowel Cancer charity.

I read many of Simon Brett’s Charles Paris novels, all set in the theatrical world, back in the day and they are very enjoyable. I have not read any of his later books but will give them a go now.

World Book Night part #2

Copies of Lee Child’s ‘Killing Floor’ now winging their way to South Africa and Australia, a warm-up maybe for next year when World Book Night could become international.

Had some reader feedback already on the copies I have given out including one from my friend complaining he couldn’t gte his son to go to bed as he was enjoying the book so much! Just think he has a whole load more Jack Reacher adventures ahead of him. Hoping as well some of the reluctant readers (you know the ones who say ‘I don’t read books anymore’) will give the book a try and if they do that will be a result.

Really enjoying re-reading ‘The Spy Who Came In From The Cold’ by John Le Carre. One of my dad’s favourite writers and I must get Le Carre’s latest books to read as ‘The Perfect Gardener’ was the last boom I read by him.

Some personal suggestions for titles to be given away next year would be Christopher Fowler’s ‘Roofworld’, Terry Pratchett’s ‘Mort’ and George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’. Mind you I could think of many more!