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Top 10 highest bidded charity auction items to date…

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  Top 10 highest bidded items… Final selling price
1 Rebus whisky £1,319.00
2 Signed Red Dwarf script £857.77
3 Signed Harry James drumsticks £103.00
4 Vinny Burns guitar lesson £62.00
5 Signed FM CD £41.00
6 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘Sleepwalking’ poster £35.27
7 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £35.00
8 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £31.00
9 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘OASTN’ poster £26.10
10 Signed David Tennant photo £21.00


I am still amazed at how much the Rebus whisky went for and the signed Red Dwarf script (signed by Rimmer aka Chris Barrie). I have been doing these signed items for charity for a while now and it is always fun to see a) what you can get kindly donated and b) the final selling price. Onwards and upwards!

Quick guide to Robert Goddard

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A series looking at authors I enjoy and have been reading as part of my sponsored read and authors who have kindly donated signed items for my fundraising for Beating Bowel Cancer and Kidney Research UK.

Robert Goddard is an author I first came across in my days working at WH Smiths where his book ‘Into The Blue’ won the WHS Thumping Good Read award. Bizarrely though not one of his best for me after reading so many of his other novels.

His novels are always well researched and the attraction for me is the fact they have a modern day charcter drawn into the past which is often revealed in each book via  a series of flashbacks. His writing also celebrates many traditional parts of the British twentieth century e.g. cricket on the green, the traditional village and you can be assured the body count won’t be high like some other thriller writers. He also builds the tension slowly but surely with plenty of twists along the way.

He has written 21 books to date and I’d highly recommend ‘Past Caring’, ‘Sea Change’ (a very enjoyable historical novel), ‘Take No Farewell’ and ‘Beyond Recall’. His novels that have a basis in WW1 or WW2 are amongst his best for me as he has the knack of taking an ordinary character and turning their world upside down as the past catches up with them.

For a well written and enjoyable historical thriller he’s your man!

Signed Peter James paperback charity auction

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Signed copy of his new paperback ‘Dead Like You’, plus a signed author photo – you can bid here. 

All proceeds go to Kidney Research UK.