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Save Loyd Road fields Didcot

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Since moving to Didcot I am amazed at the amount of new housing being built, most driven by the gigantic Great Western Park development which seems to dwarf the town. That seems fairly well planned and logical, however now there is new scheme to build 135 new homes between a designated ‘green break’ between the outskirts of Didcot and the village of East Hagbourne by Catesby Estates.

I am no NIMBY but this scheme appears to trample over South Oxfordshire’s local plan and if you wish to object to the planning application you have until July 12 to lodge your views. There is a Facebook action page here and there is an excellent blog Mind The Green Gap that gives more information on this proposed development.

Mr Fish Finger aims to topple Tim Farron

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I do love a good protest vote or fringe candidate. Even despite this ‘snap’ general election on June 8, the campaign has thrown up some individual battles. Step forward a man dressed as a fish finger! Mr Fish Finger is standing against Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron and hopes to “put him in his plaice,” in the Westmorland and Lonsdale.  It is a big ask as Farron defends a majority of nearly 9,000 and Farron gained the seat from the Conservatives in the 2005 election.

Donations made to the a crowdfunding page in support of Mr Fish Finger’s nomination have topped £2,300 , which will cover his deposit of £500 to stand in the election. You can follow his campaign on Twitter @MrFishFingerMP

Whatever the result on June 8 one of them will have had their chips…

Planned cuts to young people’s housing benefit

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Roundup: Charities respond to Government plans to cut housing benefit for young people. #homelessness

Stoke MP elected by just 19% of his constituents

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Good old Stoke back in the news as Stoke Central MP and would be Labour leader, Tristram Hunt, was elected by just 19% of his constituents and the lowest turn out of all the seats contested at the election.

At least he recognises why the low turn out:

“In too many parts of the north of England and the Midlands, the electoral challenge we faced was from Ukip – selling an anti-metropolitan message about political elites uninterested in those ‘left behind’,” he wrote on Monday. “These were historically Labour areas who just simply felt that Labour was no longer for them.”

That’s why proportional representation will engage people in voting again and make sure parties don’t take the electorate for granted thinking they will be elected even on low turn outs. You can sign the petition for change here

Interesting that Stoke council is now a coalition between the Independents, Conservatives and Ukip (the Lib Dems lost their seats), meaning an end to the Labour run council. The new coalition plans to keep the council offices in Stoke centre and look to build a tram link between Stoke and Hanley, the main shopping area.

Time to change the voting system

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it is time for the first past the post system to go. Again we have a government in power with 36% of the vote. I am no fan of UKIP yet they polled 4m votes and one seat in Parliament. The system favours the two big parties and the Conservatives even more as they will now change the boundaries and reduce the number of MP’s to 600. This is there electoral ‘reform’ and one that will keep them in power past 2020.

So what can we do? Please support this petition for a fairer and more proportional voting system. Together we can force the agenda on electoral reform.

Please sign the petition here

Five more years…

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Well the election saw the Conservatives back with a 10 seat majority. I was sad to see the Liberal Democrats hit so badly at the polls, but then as I voted for them last time and ushered in a Tory government which I would never vote for, they knew what was coming. I am a lifelong liberal, don’t always vote for them as will always tactical vote to keep a Tory out 🙂

Now we have David Cameron back as PM I am fired up again politically as it will be a very interesting five years politically. The Tories will surge ahead with the ‘snooper’s charter’, repeal the fox hunting bill and there are other laws they will crack on with now they have no Lib Dems to reign them in.

There has to be balance in everything and now it is time to keep a close eye on and challenge Dave and his smug band every step of the way…

1,000th post :)

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Blimey that soon crept up as it’s this blog’s 1,000th post. They recommend bloggers target their audience, I like to think of mine as broad minded bunch as I use a scatter gun approach to topics on here, be it Stoke City, running, books, the Theatre Royal Hanley, promoting new music or little news stories that catch my eye.

I would like to use this post to thank all the readers of my blog and those who have contributed be it by answering interview questions or commenting.

Extra special thank you’s to:

My family (even my mum has been known to read this blog occasionally!)

Stoke City FC

This blogs top comments person Scott McNeish (top man bar his misguided supporting of Liverpool). The Arsenal fan who gave me grief over the Pulis years at Stoke has gone strangely quiet. Perhaps he’s off dusting down the Arsenal trophy cabinet in expectation it may host the FA Cup come May time.

Theatre Royal Hanley – gone but not forgotten, have some great memories of my time working as a front of house volunteer there

Bill Leslie and Dave Hunter who inspired me into this blogging lark back in March 2008

The bands and musicians whose music provides a soundtrack to life. Without music the world would be a duller place (well some bands can clear right off like One Direction for starters…)

Thank you all and please do continue contribute and comment 🙂

Dedicated to fellow Stoke City supporter and author Stephen Foster who sadly passed away in 2011