Glandular fever #7

Having been well on the road to recovery these past few weeks I was hoping that I’d seen the worst of glandular fever (GF) off, however it has come back (or a relapse) this past week. My neck glands are sore/swollen, feeling generally ‘yucky’ and my stomach is playing musical ‘tunes’ all day! Trying to see what caused it, it looks like increased stress although I have been keeping stress levels down as much as possible. Trouble is however much you try to occupy your thoughts elsewhere, they soon come back to any issues troubling you and this in turn seems to have an adverse affect on GF.

I am determined this won’t set me back too much and I am keeping up my daily vitamins (B’s and D are the key ones for GF), although sadly my return to running is on hold again. I will get out and have a run soon though, that’s a positive to keep me focused on riding this GF relapse out.

There really does need to be more awareness made of GF and how it can have long lasting impacts on people, albeit at varying levels.

Get running :)

The BBC have a good article on how to get running –

and then you can find a local running club or event here at Run Together

Personally I would highly recommend the Park Run series of 5K runs that take place all over the UK on a Saturday morning.

I can’t wait to get back to running once my glandular fever is cleared 🙂

Well done Team GB

What a fantastic Olympic Games from Team GB. 67 medals meant finishing second in the medals table ahead of China.

Highlights for me included a gold for the women’s hockey team, the Brownlee brothers in the triathlon abd rowing and swimming medals.

The cycling was very exciting to watch and although I missed Mo Farah’s two golds, what an achievement! Amazing to think he started out at Feltham Community Sports centre – I used to run every Friday there as part of the Feltham Puffers. Not sure I was anywhere near Mo Farah’s training times though 😊

The Lottery funding has paid off, although being results/medals based it means no real funding for sports such as basketball. Looking forward to the 2020 games already.

Sparky’s back running for the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre

Yes I was taking a year off fundraising, but then my virtual trainer (they have kept my running going despite actually never having a run with me!) told me how their partner was diagnosed with throat cancer last year. They are coming through that now and hopefully will be okay.

They went through a neck dissection, tonsillectomy, two weeks of chemo and six weeks daily radiotherapy. During this time they used the scanning facilities provided by the Paul Strickland Scanner Centre.


Any donation is most welcome and even if you can’t donate please do spread the word of the great work done at this centre.

Oh and the Sparky nickname comes from a work colleague who gave me that being a Stoke supporter. I ran the 2014 Ealing Half Marathon in my Sparky top:


Ealing half marathon completed!

Finished in 2hrs 28mins on my chip time (took around five minutes to reach the start line), which was only a minute slower than my time last year. Tougher this year as I had been staving off a cold all week (I know excuses, excuses) and had not had a decent run in over a week. Still managed to keep running until nine miles before my legs started wobbling and I ended up walking quite a lot of the way after, bar running the last mile. By then I had been refueled by kind folk offering Jelly Babies and Faeroe Roche (well it is Ealing!).

I’d highly recommend the Ealing half as it is well supported and organised, although beware of the hills are gradual and not that high but do slow the more trundling runner like me.

I think I will limit my runs to 10K or ten milers though as those extra miles are just a little to far and I don’t train as much as I should do.

To date raised over £325 for Macmillan Cancer and Centrepoint

BIG thank you to everyone who has donated, sent messages of support, ‘liked’ a post on Facebook or retweeted my fundraising tweet (that includes the author Christopher Fowler, bands including Euphoria Audio, the Dunwells, the Young Folk, Picture House, Vega and more).

Running the Ealing half this Sunday for Macmillan Cancer Support

It’s race day this Sunday and nearly time to pound/stagger around the streets of Ealing. Not trained as much as I would have liked to and have a slight foot injury (I am getting the excuses in early). If you fancy seeing some mad fools running at silly o’clock on a Sunday morning the race route is here:

I shall be resplendent in the green t-shirt provided by Macmillan and with Sparky on my back, plus if its cold I will have a Stoke scarf on 😉

The charity I am running for on the 28th September is

Macmillan Cancer Support whose nurses (along with their help line) do sterling work helping those with cancer and supporting their family and friends:

Thanks as ever for your continued support and feel free to spread the word

PS there is also Centrepoint who I ran the Dorney Dash 10K for. They are the UK’s leading charity for homeless young people. It supports over 6,000 16-25 year olds into housing and employment every year. Working directly in London and the north of England, Centrepoint also partners with other organisations across the UK and gives homeless young people a voice through the Centrepoint Parliament. It conducts research and influences government policy with the overall aim of ending youth homelessness.

Dorney Dash again this year

I am entering the Dorney Dash 10K on Saturday 26th July after really enjoying last year’s run. It is my training run for the Ealing Half marathon later in the year. Lovely course with two laps around Dorney Lake used by Eton College and in 2012 it was the Olympic rowing lake.

I have also added Macmillan Cancer Support as a charity I am running the Ealing Half marathon for, along with the Centrepoint charity.