Flint the dolphin’s blog

My name is Jasmine, I am nine and love dolphins! I have adopted a dolphin called Flint and please read on to find out more about him and other dolphins…

Best friends forever…

My Flint picture…

SCTD – Stop Creulty To Dolphins

This was set-up by myself and my friends – Rachel, Katie and Francesca. We want to stop cruelty to dolphins and watch out for more news on our club!

How you can help save dolphins

Adopt a dolphin like I did!
Click on this link to go to the Adopt A dolphin website

Here is what you get…

Exciting monthly Dolphin Diary email packed full of UK dolphin news about me and my friends!

A special adoption certificate and a very cute cuddly toy which looks just like me!

An ‘ID a whale and dolphin’ CD ROM – so you’ll know how to spot me!

A huge poster, loads of stickers and a pod of dolphin facts in a booklet about my friends and … me!

Your own VIP password to the Adopters Area of the Sea Watch website where you can
Find out where your dolphin has been swimming using your own dolphin tracking map
Download a dolphin friendly screensaver or, if you’re feeling brave, the killer whale screensaver!

Play a game and see how dolphin friendly you are in the Sea Watch competitions!

You see! Lots of goodies but most importantly, you’ll be helping to make sure all of the UK dolphins, including me are safe. Are you dolphin friendly?

Pictures of flint

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