The Wall of Hurt

This year I’m taking part in the Staines 10K on 16th May 2010 to raise money for The Macular Disease Society and I am running the whole race in a Shirt Of Hurt to further boost funds. This idea came from Danny Baker for Sports Relief where you wear your sports rivals top usually only for a few minutes but for me it will be for at least an hour. Being a lifelong Stoke City supporter it had to be that ‘other’ team in Stoke, Port Vale.

The Shirt of Hurt…

You can help either by giving a donation, a pound makes all the difference especially if you can add Gift Aid.

Another great way to help is to publicise the work of the Macular Disease Society

It’s easy to donate online with a credit or debit card – just go to my JustGiving page:

(JustGiving sends your donation straight to The Macular Disease Society and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you’re a UK taxpayer)

I hope you’ll join me in supporting The Macular Disease Society.

What is macular degeneration? 

The Macular Disease Society aims to build confidence and independence for those with central vision impairment.  We are the only UK charity dedicated to helping people with macular degeneration.

Please leave a message of support to get me around the race and/or leave abuse for Port Vale 🙂

Good luck boyo, well done.

Bob Daisley

Good luck and all the best with the fundraising, I believe it’s the right call that you’re not running around the Potteries in a top from the other side.

Steve Buxton

Stoke City Football Club


  1. I say good luck you big northern poofter. I’ll soon be taxing fun runs to raise money for more duck houses in my mp’s moats. Tally ho!!

  2. Won’t Port Vale supporters hate to see a Jason Ritchie in one of their shirts? hehe

    Good luck mate. I know you’ll be alright!

  3. Good luck Jason …… at least the shirt looks better than your usual red & white striped attire 😀

  4. Jason me old Middlesex mate – you’re running on Middlesex Day so you’ll be full of vigour and energy – go Jase go! Now where do I sign up to sponsor you? Russell G

  5. u dont no me bt iv seen wot ur doin n i fink its great nice to c another stokie outside of stoke gd luck to ya mate n mk sure u use tht top wid shit on for toilet paper afta

  6. Best of luck Jason, for this excellent cause, don’t worry about the shirt though mate, who are Port Vale anyway!!
    I will sponsor you.
    All the best, Andy Fox rockshow GTFM

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