The Great Bid ‘n’ Buy Fundraiser

Some nice feedback from the winner of the signed Status Quo CD…

My wife bid & won this CD for my birthday. I would just like to say thank you for putting this signed CD up for auction. It is one fantastic birthday present to get as I have been a quo fan since the 70’s. I am also glad that the money has gone to a great cause. So I wish you all the best for the future and I hope your charity goes from strength to strength.

I’m very glad the DVD was able to raise some funds and gratified that I could be of some help for such a worthwhile cause.

All the best,

Kelly Monteith


During  2010, after a successful 2009 which saw over £1,600 raised, I am now going to go carry on raising money for six charities (the RNIB have been replaced by the Macular Eye Society and the National Tremor Foundation have been added) by auctioning off various signed or unique items donated by authors, bands, celebrities, sporting people etc. via EBay in the Great Bid ‘n’ Buy Fundraiser.  As charities are seeing declining donations due to the current economic climate I thought one way to get in vital funds is by charity Ebay auctions as people get an item they want whilst helping the nominated charity, who get funds they may not have otherwise have got.

These EBay charity auctions will raise funds for the Parkinsons Disease Society, the National Tremor Foundation, Macular Eye Society, the Donna Louise Trust, the White Lodge Centre and the Insulin Dependent Diabetes Trust (IDDT). You can view and bid the latest items here

(Please note – 100% of the selling price goes to the nominated charity less Ebay’s final selling fees)

Charity EBay auctions

Total raised so far via EBay auctions…£1,608.57

Parkinsons Disease Society = £144.37

The White Lodge Centre = £125.68

IDDT = £957.54

Macular Eye Society = £0.00

Donna Louise Trust = £209.01

The National Tremor Foundation = £31.49

Top 10 highest bidded items…                     Final selling price
1 Signed Red Dwarf script                                             £857.77

2 Signed Harry James (Thunder/Magnum) drum sticks £103.00
3 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘Sleepwalking’ poster  £35.27

4 Signed Francis Dunnery CD £31.00

 5 Signed Rodney Matthews ‘OASTN’ poster             £26.10
6 Signed David Tennant photo                                      £21.00
7 Toni Rowland CD                                                            £21.00
8 Signed Chris Jericho book                                          £16.50
9 Signed Alarm DVD                                                          £16.50
10 Signed Doro Pesch photo                                             £14.75

If any band/artist/author would like to donate an item for an EBay auction please contact me via

Items donated… (BIG thanks to all the people mentioned below and please do visit their websites)

***Musicians & Bands ***

* Keyboards wizard Clive Nolan (Arena/Pendragon/Shadowland/Caamora) kindly donated six signed CD’s

* Rock photographer Noel Buckley donated two signed photos of Warrior Soul’s Kory Clarke and Sabbat’s Martin Wlykeir

* Two signed promo copies of the excellent ‘The Old Road’ album by Martin Orford (IQ/Pallas)

* Signed CD from Don Airey of Deep Purple

* Signed CD from Joe Lynn Turner (Rainbow/Malmsteen/Mother’s Army/Sunstorm)

* Signed CD/DVD of the Alarm’s 2008 Gathering kindly donated by Mike Peters

* Stack of AFM Records CD’s kindly donated by Mike Exley and two copies of the new Herman Frank (Accept/Victory) CD kindly donated by Mike & Herman Frank

* Four signed posters (including three Magnum album covers) by the artist Rodney Matthews

* Signed copy of DEEP PURPLE’s ‘Concerto for Group and Orchestra’ signed by Jon Lord

* Two Pendragon CD’s signed by Nick Barrett

* Signed Nik Kershaw CD and photo

* Signed Status Quo CD ‘ In Search Of the Fourth Chord’

* Signed CD and Mammoth shirts from John McCoy (GMT/GILLAN/MAMMOTH)


* The Cotton Soeterboek Band kindly donated $20…

‘Hi Jason, sorry about the lack of updates. The Cotton Soeterboek Band just wanted to make a small contribution towards your charity drive. Your a kind hearted soul and it’s an honor having you as a friend. All the best, Alan Cotton.’

* Signed drumsticks from THUNDER/MAGNUM drummer Harry James


* Signed David Readman (PINK CREAM 69) solo CD’s

* Signed Francis Dunnery (ex-It Bites) CD’s

* Signed Eden’s Curse CD/t-shirt goody bag

***New Wave of British Heavy Metal***

* Signed CD from NWOBHM band Saracen

* Signed photo of former Iron Maiden drummer Clive Burr

* Signed drumsticks, photos and CD’s from GRIMMSTINE, the new band featuring STEVE STINE and STEVE GRIMMETT (GRIM REAPER/ONSALUGHT/LIONSHEART)

*** Authors ***

* Signed copy of ‘Tie Me To The Mast’ by David Johnson, a ‘must read’ for any Stoke City supporter and football fans in general as it covers Stoke’s promotion season 2007/08 and what is like to support a club that brings joy and frustration in equal measure!

* Signed book from the author of urban unease Christopher Fowler

* Stoke City defensive legend Dennis Smith who has kindly donated a signed copy of his book ‘Just One Of Seven’ (published by Know The Score Books)

* Two signed books from crime writer Paul Doherty

* Crime author Stuart MacBride has also kindly donated a signed book

***Past perfomers at the Theatre Royal, Hanley***


* Signed CD from comedian Jimmy Cricket who appeared at the Theatre Royal, Hanley

* Jeffrey Longmore, the original Frank ‘N’ Furter in the KMT/Theatre Royal Hanley production of ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ has kindly donated two signed programmes and a signed A5 poster

* Signed colour photo of the legendary Bruce Forsyth (he appeared at Theatre Royal, Hanley in a one man show back in the mid-80’s)

*** TV & film stars***

* Robert Llewellyn (Kryten in Red Dwarf plus author, TV presenter & comedian) has donated two signed DVD’s and signed colour Krtyen photos

* Signed photograph of illusionist Derren Brown

* Adrian Chiles (Match Of The Day 2/The One Show) kindly donated a sigend copy of his excellent football book ‘We Don’t Know What We’re Doing’

* Signed DVD from Nicholas Parsons of the show he presented ‘Sale Of The Century’

* Signed colour photo from Danny John Jules aka the Cat in ‘Red Dwarf’ plus childrens’ TV shows ‘MI High’ and ‘The Storymakers’


* Signed Dr Who postcard from the current Doctor David Tennant

* Signed photo of actor Michael Sheen (Damned United/Frsot-Nixon)

* Signed copy of ‘Little Howard’s Unpleasant Lullaby’ by Howard Read (aka Big Howard) from CBBC’s ‘Little Howard’s Big Question’

* Signed DVD of ‘A Lousy Ten Grand’ from comedian Kelly Montieth

* Signed photograph of Sir Alan Sugar

* Signed Red Dwarf ‘Back To Earth’ script signed by Chris Barrie aka Rimmer


* Signed photo by TV chef Gary Rhodes


You can join the Facebook Group as well here

Thanks for looking!


  1. Great work!

    Have you seen the MDCC auctions on eBay? MDCC is Monthly Daft Charitable Coalition, a group of ebayers who list items for their chosen charities and good causes once a month and bid on each others auctions (well, bidding is not compulsory!) We each list a maximum of 5 auctions on the last Sunday of the month for 7 days, to end on the 1st Sunday of the next month, including ‘MDCC’ in the titles (without the quotes) to make them easily searchable- so we start this Sunday if you’d like to join in, or maybe just have a look for this month!

    You can of course list as many items as you like but we stick to a maximum of 5 each with the MDCC in the titles. Members use the ebay Round Table message board to chat during the week, and have special permission to shamelessly advertise our auctions on these threads 9not generally allowed on the ebay message boards). There are usually a few threads during the previous week to remind people,

    How do you get such great items to auction? I need tips!

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