Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart first came to my attention via a four track promo I reviewed for Get Ready To Rock! Since then I have been hooked to their modern pop/rock sound. I’d say their earlier sound was good, old melodic rock – check out ‘Lay It On The Line’ – but with their last album ‘Darkness Falls’ and the previous one, ‘Shake’, they have more in common with Nickelback, Hinder and Buckcherry.  They have a new album ‘Propaganda’ due in October and below is the lead off single:

A band that have grown and developed musically over the years – check them out and see what you’ve been missing folks.

Interviews with GRTR! 2004 interview 2005 interview 2007 interview

They kindly played at the Stripes gigs I helped put on a few years ago at Brentford FC, where theyoften headlined and also supported US melodic rock legend Mitch Malloy. Live they really hit the spot and can happily mix it on a eclectic festival bill as they can headlining.

Gig reviews on GRTR!

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