Five Football Fan Q’s…

Five Q’s for a variety of football fans…

Mark Holmes who is a Sub Editor with TeamTalk and a fellow Stoke fan – good man!

What made you want to support Stoke City? The highlights during your time supporting the club?

Believe it or not – this is a skeleton that I never thought I’d let out of the cupboard! – but my first ever football match was Vale with my step dad. My old man soon caught wind of this, though, and I was down at the Vic in full red and white a week later. I was instantly hooked (the Vic was a bit different to Vale Park) and I never looked back…thank God!

There’s been a few highlights really with two trips to Wembley, one to Cardiff and three promotions in all. But I’ll never forget being at Ninian Park when we won our play-off semi against Cardiff – I wasn’t sure whether I’d ever experience a high like that again. Securing promotion to the Premier League was even better in a way and I’m still buzzing about it now! But the game against Leicester was a bit of a washout and I’d still rank being among the 600-odd at Cardiff as my favourite ever Stoke game. 

The five best and five worst players you have seen play for Stoke and why?


  1. Mark Stein – Number one simply has to be Steino – it was never a case of whether he’d score, it was how many.
  2. Mike Sheron – I actually cried when he left for QPR! I’ve never seen a Stoke forward so clinical in front of goal, he’d have been a legend if he stayed.
  3. Vince Overson – It’s tough to choose between any of the defenders from that era but I don’t think I ever saw anyone get past Vinny in his entire time at the Vic.
  4. Peter Hoekstra – Without doubt the most skilful player I’ve ever seen in the red and white. He looked genuinely world class at times.
  5. Ricardo Fuller – He’s bloody frustrating at times but he’s the only Stoke player that has ever got me off my seat when he’s still in his own half!


    1. Keith Scott – I didn’t realise it was possible to get the ball over the bar from half a yard. Then I saw Scott play.
    2. Gordon Marshall – He was either the world’s worst goalkeeper or making a lot of money from bungs. I’m still not sure which!
    3. Jose Andrade – He started off as brilliant forward Ze Angola and returned as fat, lazy, couldn’t hit a barn door Jose Andrade. Bizarre!
    4. Kyle Lighbourne – It’s probably a bit harsh because there’s been worse forwards but let’s not forget this guy cost £500k. A Kamara classic!
    5. Bryan Small – Used to run 60 yards down the wing, get to the full-back, stamp his feet a few times and then turn round. Just plain awful.

How was the 2007/08 season for you?

Absolutely incredible. I thought from day one that we’d challenge for the play-offs but I never honestly imagined we’d go up automatically – and we could quite easily have won the title too. I look at the team that got us up and still don’t really know how we did it, but there were times when they simply did not know how to lose. We gave Scunny a two-goal lead and still ended up winning! I just can’t remember the last time I had such faith in a Stoke side to score goals and that’s saying something considering who was in charge. I actually thought we were actually pretty poor at the back for most of the season but that just added to the fun – I thoroughly enjoyed almost every game I went to.

What areas of the team do you feel need strengthening and who ideally would you like to see the club sign?

There’s no getting away from the fact that we need to strengthen all over to stand a realistic chance of staying up. We definitely need someone to challenge Simonsen in goal and I think Fulop will be a great signing if we finally pull it off. He’s the sort of keeper that will knock defenders out of the way to claim a cross and that’s exactly what we need – someone with plenty of confidence.

We’re going to have to add some players in front of him, though, or he’ll be a busy old boy! It’s Shawcross and one other for me in the middle so I reckon Gardner would be a decent signing – he’s got a good bit of pace and we definitely lack that at the back. There’s a fair chance Griffin will start in one of the full-back slots but I think we’re desperate for someone on the other side, and he needs to be able to keep the ball. Some top-flight experience wouldn’t go amiss either so Pulis has got a right job on his hands.

I reckon we’re reasonably well stocked in midfield but a left-winger is absolutely imperative and I reckon we’ll end up with a youngster from one of the big four. Scott Sinclair would fit the bill for me as we really need another match-winner in the side. Lawrence will do a job on the right but we could do with adding at least one other midfielder to challenge him and the lads in the middle. We’ve got plenty of destroyers but need a bit of creativity – Whitehead would be a reasonable addition, although he wouldn’t blow me away.

How do you think the team will do in the upcoming 2008/09 season?

I genuinely believe we’ll stay up. We obviously need to add a lot of new players before the Bolton game but I’ve got every faith in TP to pull a few rabbits out of the hat. The Kitson signing is a fantastic start and if we can add two or three more of his quality then we could even finish in mid-table. Scoring goals is always the most difficult thing for a newly-promoted side but Kitson will get into double figures and I reckon both Fuller and Lawrence will chip in. We’re also going to be one of the most dangerous sides in the whole league from set pieces and I can honestly see us shocking a few teams, especially at home.

We won’t have the most talented squad but Pulis will make sure we’ve got the fittest, strongest and hardest working and I have got every faith in the man to keep us up.

A  Nottingham Forest fan involved in this rather good blog

What made you want to support Nottingham Forest? The highlight(s) during your time supporting the club?

It’s a fairly simplistic story really, one of bullying by a younger sibling.  As a youngster I wasn’t really interested in watching football, but my brother was well into Forest.  My dad took him to games and felt I was being ‘left out’, so he insisted on taking me to a cup match against Manchester United.  Reluctantly I was hooked.

Highlights in my time have included three trips to (old) Wembley, one win and two defeats, promotion back to the Premiership after being relegated in the first season, finishing 3rd the following season, getting to the quarter finals of the UEFA cup, another promotion back to the top flight having become rubbish in the intervening years, almost managing promotion through the playoffs after again dropping out the top flight, and then finally, getting promoted back to the Championship after becoming a third division team for a ‘worst period of our history’ making three years.

The five best and five worst players you have seen play for Nottingham Forest and why?

The best:

1. Stan Collymore – for Forest he was the most gifted footballer I’ve ever seen, power, pace, vision, shooting with both feet… he had it all, and the world at his feet.  Sadly a combination of his ‘spice boy’ lifestyle and Liverpool’s unwillingness to build a team around him at Forest had lead to his demise.  He could have been an England legend instead of just having a few caps.

2. Stuart Pearce – such awesome passion, a Forest and England legend.  I don’t feel any need to justify this any further!

3. Steve Hodge – incredibly underrated midfielder, creative and hardworking in his two spells with Forest.  He was my first favourite player as a youngster, and still look back fondly on his time with us.

4. Roy Keane – a £16,000 signing from Cobh Ramblers proved to be an inspiring buy, from the outset he looked a class act and went on to go to the very top with United, which was – of course – rather bittersweet!

5. Nigel Clough – he could pick out passes that nobody else could see for a good half a minute, his brain worked so quickly it made up for his lack of physical pace, he was also a master of winning freekicks in just the right place for Psycho to smash them in from!

The worst:

1. Barry Roche – his first action for Forest was taking the field as a substitute goalkeeper after a sending off, he saved the penalty.  It went rather downhill from there, culminating in his rather over-involvement with a coffee cup on the pitch that lead to a 4-2 defeat to the Sheep at Prideless Park.  Had potential, but zero confidence.  He’s at Chesterfield now and doing okay by all accounts!

2. Daryl Powell – one of those strange Kinnear signings.  He was so awful that I’m convinced he was a plant from the Sheep.  I can’t bring myself to remember any more.

3. Nicky Eaden – a nice fella, came with a good reputation, all he did was HOOOOOOOOOF the ball up the flank, usually to nobody.  I suspect it was what Megson was telling him to do, but it was rather awful to watch.

4. Danny Sonner – “The Crab” – incapable of passing either backwards or forwards; funnily enough, all these players are proving to be from a single era!

5. David Friio – I know an unhealthy number of Plymouth fans, they loved Friio, he came to us, they were gutted.  Turns out the people at Plymouth were very cunning, they knew his legs had gone, he wanted a last big payday.  He’s now scouting for us in France!

How was the 2007/08 season for you?

The season itself was pretty turgid for the most part, in truth, however a late turnaround, a bit of bottling from Doncaster and Carlisle, and the Football League giving Leeds a points deduction actually granted us a pretty awesome finish, nicking second on the last day to secure promotion back to the Championship!

What areas of the team do you feel need strengthening and who ideally would you like to see the club sign?

The main thing we’ve needed is a 20+ goalscorer, signing Earnshaw is a great statement of intent on this front; depending on Agogo’s movements we will need a couple more strikers.  We desperately need some creativity in midfield after fatty Commons left, Whittingham from Cardiff or Anderson on loan from Liverpool would be awesome on this front (or both!), I would like us to sign an actual rightback, since we don’t have one, and a leftback and goalkeeper to provide competition/cover.  Maybe some central midfielders too – that’s nearly a full team isn’t it? 🙂

How do you think the team will do in the upcoming 2008/09 season?

It depends how many of the above are secured; with the right additions we have the makings of a mid-table side with an outside chance of ‘doing a Bristol City’ – in our current state we would probably struggle with a depressed Earnshaw fed up of having aimless hoofs punted to him all game.

======================================================================Jason Jason Ritchie

What made you want to support Stoke City? The highlights during your time supporting the club?

Well back in 1974 my dad and granddad took me, a mere six year old along to my first ever Stoke game – myself and my dad are not sure who we played but I seem to think it was Wrexham. I remember my dad taking me along in the 70’s along with my school pal Andrew Cawthorne (now a Reuters reporter) to see Stoke at the old Victoria Ground in the Butler Street Paddock. My dad always got the rough deal as each dad was supposed to take turns in taking the two children along to the games but somehow he seemed to end up taking us each time!

Highlights include…seeing us win two Autoglass Trophies at Wembley, beating Brentford in the play-offs at the Millennium stadium in Cardiff and watching players like Alan Hudson, Sammy McIllroy, Mark Stein, John Ritchie (RIP), Peter Shilton, ‘Big’ Brendan O’Callaghan, Jimmy Greenoff, Liam Lawrence, Ricardo Fuller, Mike Sheron, Sir Geoff Hurst, Wayne Biggins and Dennis Smith to name but a few all play in Stoke’s colours.

Plus it has just been topped by us gaining promotion after 23 years outside the top flight.

The five best and five worst players you have seen play for Stoke and why?


1 Mark Stein – goal machine and so good to watch – a little mini-dynamo.

2 Mike Sheron – linked up well with Stein and Simon Sturridge. Had a good pace and another prolific scorer for us.

3 Denis Smith – classic Stoke defender – tenacious, passionate and not afraid to tackle. Is a Stoke legend and rightly so.

4 ‘Big’ Brendan O’Callaghan – big lumbering centre forward who was a goal hanger but boy he troubled defenders with his height and aerial ability. Not a player every Stoke fan would instantly think of but I just loved his style and approach to games.

5 Peter Hoekstra – some wonderful touches of skill and sadly injury meant we missed out on more from this very talented player.

Honorary mentions to Alan  Hudson, John Ritchie (RIP), Jimmy Greenoff, Liam Lawrence and Sir Geoff Hurst.


1 John ‘Donkey’ Gidman – awful defender with the pace and turning circle of an oil tanker. Too many woeful displays but away at West Brom in the late 80’s sticks in my mind as he was always a least two/three minutes of the action!

2 Keith Scott – he had all the goal threat of a toddler and was woefully slow as well. They shoot old donkeys don’t they?

3 Vincent Pericard – possibly the worst signing made by Pulis. Yes he played for Juventus and Pompey but not for long as they soon realised he was pants. Even when on loan at Southampton towards the end of last season he couldn’t even make their bench. Just cancel his contract and put us all out of our misery…

4 Michael Ricketts – in a word pants. No surprise to see he is without a club again…

5 Mick Kennedy – dirty player and not the sort of player I personally like to see wearing a Stoke shirt.

How was the 2007/08 season for you?

After a summer when few players were signed – we got excited over Dominic Matteo signing for goodness sake – it looked as though mid-table beckoned. But then Pulis and co. weaved their magic with Leon Cort joining to shore up the back along with the very talented Ryan Shawcross and in a statement of intent these players were signed permanently as opposed to loans. Mind you Pulis still had seven loan players on our books at the end of season from the superb Carlo Nash and Chris Riggott to the not so good Shola Ameobi.

We did it the hard way by needing a point against Leicester but we did it and to say I was happy would be an understatement. It will be a tough season and everyone will have us down as ‘doing a Derby’ but I do feel we will surprise a few teams.

What areas of the team do you feel need strengthening and who ideally would you like to see the club sign?

One maybe two goalkeepers – I’d go for Nash as he settled the back four nicely upon his arrival and Fulop from Sunderland. We need a wise head in defence – a leader as sorry Andy Griffin you just don’t convince me as captain. David Weir from Rangers would do for me. Plus sign up Gabriel Zakunai from Fulham as he was very useful cover whilst on loan with us last season.

Vital we keep hold of Lawrence and Delap’s throw-ins will certainly put off a few teams top start with. Glen Whelan should enjoy the style of football more in this league as well. We need Salif Diao fully fit as he could prove vital in calming the midfield down. A couple of players are need though as cover/competition for places.

We do need a striker to help out Fuller and Big Mama – Lee McCulloch or Marlon Harewood would be ideal.

Ideally six or seven good players but like Pulis says as good as or better than we currently have, we don’t want journeymen thank you.

How do you think the team will do in the upcoming 2008/09 season?

I think we will be in the bottom half most of the season but with a sound defence (mind you Carl Dickinson will have to beware as he will get booked as lot more in the Premiership I fear) we should pick up a few vital points. It will be a real test for Tony Pulis as the loans aren’t allowed in the Premier league outside of the transfer windows so he really needs to get some quality players in before the end of August. As long as we carry the team spirit on like last season and we don’t sign mercenary players like Robbie Savage then I can see us staying up – just 🙂


Musician and QPR supporter Nikk Gunns

What made you want to support QPR? The highlights during your time supporting the club?

QPR are the nearest team to where I was born and live. The highlights have included the Premiere League, promotion to the Championship and our recent take over.

The five best and five worst players you have seen play for QPR and why?

Never seen them play but have met Stan Bowles and Rodney Marsh and would have loved to see them play. Obviously Les Ferdinand, Paul Furlong, Gareth Ainsworth (also has a good band!!), Martin Rowlands and either Hogan Ephraim or Patrick Agyemang. I never make a habit of bad mouthing players so will leave the 5 worst out.

How was the 2007/08 season for you?

Shakey for a while!!! Then it began to pick up after the takeover was confirmed. A couple more positive results and we could have pushed for a playoff place.

What areas of the team do you feel need strengthening and who ideally would you like to see the club sign?

Who knows what the transfer window will bring!!!

How do you think the team will do in the upcoming 2008/09 season?

A lot of people say that we are definitely going to go up- I hope we do, but either way there will be many enjoyable games to come this season.


DAVE CLARKE head of Planet Earth Publicity and a Pompey fan…

1)       What made you want to support Portsmouth?

 I was born in St Mary’s hospital in Portsmouth, which is next door to Fratton Park. All of my Dad’s side of the family are Portsmouth fans and I can remember the exact moment I knew I too was a Pompey fan. I was about 4 years old and there a game on TV, and for the first time ever I realised I was supposed to want one team to beat the other. Confused, I shouted up the stairs to my Dad, “What team do I support?”, and the instant reply was “Portsmouth.”

2)       The highlights during your time supporting the club?

I saw my first game aged 5 years old. What followed was mostly 25 years of ‘dross’, with the exception of a few good seasons in The Championship (then known as Div 2) under Alan Ball, and also a couple of season under Jim Smith, where we enjoyed a great FA Cup run in 1992 and just missed out on promotion in 1993. The highlights that really stand out are as follows:

1) Alan Biley’s 2 goals in the last two minutes against Oxford at Fratton Park to put us top of the old Division 2 at Christmas in 1984.

2) Darren Anderton’s goal against Liverpool in the 1992 semi-final. That was just magic!

3) Paul Merson engineering a brilliant comeback at Selhurst Park against Crystal Palace in August 2002. It was about 28c and we were getting sunburnt in the stands. We were 2-0 down with 20 minutes to go and I apologised to my mate, Elliot, a Spurs fan, for bringing him to such a crap game. It was the first time he’d seen Pompey play and I was gutted. However, 320 seconds later we were winning the game 3-2! We all went utterly nuts in the Pompey section – a truly memorable moment! 8 months later we were promoted, and just under 6 years later we won the FA Cup to qualify for The UEFA Cup. It’s been an incredible 6 years – and it all started that day at Palace. And, of course, our managed popped down the road to relegate Southampton in the middle of all this. Great days.

4) Seeing us get promoted to The Premier League at Fratton Park.

5) Beating both Southampton & Man Utd 1-0 on consecutive home games, leaving the ground all saying “it’ll never get better than this!”

6) Winning The FA Cup last month at Wembley. In fact, all of last season was just incredible.
The five best and five worst players you have seen play for Portsmouth and why?

Best 5

1)      Alan Knight MBE. A one-club legend, playing 683 games for Pompey. A record for appearances by a keeper at one club. He was England class.

2)      Alan Biley. He was a goal machine, and he was my first genuine hero in a Pompey shirt.

3)      Paul Merson. He ran the show in midfield and helped us to reach the Premiership. His massive contribution to our success is often underestimated.

4)      Paul Walsh. Guy Wittingham may have bagged 47 goals in the 1992/93 season, but Walsh was the man creating all the chances.  

5)      The entire current squad, (with the exception of Milan Baros, of course). Player for player, better than just about anything we have seen for the past 50 years. David James and Lassana Diarra in particular are stunning players.

Worst 5  

1)       Terry Fenwick. Ok, he was not a Pompey player. But as a manager he couldn’t run a bath. I couldn’t stand him. A proper idiot in my book.

2)       Milan Baros. OK, not the worst player, but definitely the most disappointing. He will be known as the striker who never, EVER scored for Pompey, despite playing nearly every game for 6 months.

3)   Collins Mbesuma. £1.5m for a player who never started a game. Good work.

3)       Konstantinos “Kostas” Chalkias …he couldn’t catch a cold.

4)       Adrian Whitbread. When you tell yourself “he’s a good player” then you know your team is a long way from The Premier League.

How was the 2007/08 season for you?

It was the best season of my entire life. We enjoyed our highest league placing for 50 years and won The FA Cup for the first time since 1939. We are now in The UEFA Cup for the fist time ever. You’ll be hard pushed to find supporters happier than Pompey fans right now.  
What areas of the team do you feel need strengthening and who ideally would you like to see the club sign?

We need a serious striker to play alongside Jermain Defoe. I hope we get Peter Crouch. We also need a right sided midfielder. Sean Wright-Phillips is being mentioned. With the European campaign coming up I think we’ll need another centre back. Richard Dunne is being talked about. If we get those three players Harry will have a truly great team at his disposal next season. I’m also hoping Christiano Ronaldo will sign for us over the summer, too. We’d guarantee him a game every week out on the right, although he might have to wait a while before we let him take a penalty.  
How do you think the team will do in the upcoming 2008/09 season?

It depends what our priorities are. If we are going to have a serious crack at The UEFA Cup I think we can expect a lower league finish. And I think we’ll do our best to defend the FA Cup. But if we put the league ahead of Europe I can see a top 7 finish in the league. I’m just going to enjoy it, no matter what.


STEVEN LENTON another Pompey fan…

What made you want to support Portsmouth? The highlights during your time supporting the club?

I was raised watching them…and no need to look further for exciting football.

Highlights – definitely the FA Cup victory. I went with to the final my dad who was 8 months old when last we won it. It was a great day and a much deserved trophy in my opinion. The atmosphere was (unsurprisingly) awesome!

Also enjoyed the season when we were promoted to the Premiership. We had a great team and played some wonderful football. I was living abroad at that time and had to watch the games in a local bar (they had rights to most of the matches so I saw a lot) and I managed to built up quite a strong supporting crew. It’s good to know that to this day there are many Poles supporting Pompey!

The five best and five worst players you have seen play for Portsmouth and why?


Prosinecki – just sublime! It is a pity that we have a relatively weak team (excluding Crouch) at that time. His vision wasn’t always anticipated by the other players. I think technically he was the best player we have ever had.

Merson – Helped us to promotion orchestrating some great football playing just in behind the forwards added to scoring some beauties himself!

Sheringham – ditto. One of my favourite players ever! I was so thrilled when he came to Pompey. You can just watch his pass to Shearer in England’s 4-1 victory over Holland to see his class! For us he did more of the same. I was disappointed that we didn’t take him up to the Premiership with us – he still had another top season or two in him.

James – for us simply an amazing keeper. He has certainly had his faults for other teams but he has never let Pompey down. I would say over the last two seasons he could account for 40 or so league points. You just have to look at the statistics to see how important his contribution is – for the last two seasons he has been the top keeper in terms of the number of saves made per game.

Guy Whittingham  – Bought out of the army for £450 then nets 40+ goals in his first season. That will never be forgotten at Fratton Park. He was just so quick and so aware and he simply would not miss!


Stuart Doling – looked promising for a while but then just got really fat!

Collins Mbesuma  – said he was only using Pompey as a stepping-stone to get into Man United. Ended up barely troubling reserve team defences.

Ian Baird – could not hit a barn door (unless it was placed over near the corner flag)

Chalkias – every cross was a liability!

Kenny Swain – the worst tackler ever. Let everyone through!

How was the 2007/08 season for you?

We won the FA cup. What more do I need to say – it was bloody great!

What areas of the team do you feel need strengthening and who ideally would you like to see the club sign?

We need Crouch. Him and Defoe could be explosive together. Other than that I think we are looking good. Of course if we lose Krancjar we’ll need to replace him and that’ll be a tough thing to do!

How do you think the team will do in the upcoming 2008/09 season?

A good run in Europe would be nice, together with pushing for fifth place. I think we would have taken fifth this year had we not been distracted by the FA Cup.


Dominic Smith, a Leeds Utd fan…

What made you want to support Leeds? The highlights during your time supporting the club?

It’s a family tradition, nobody is allowed to support anybody else.

The highlights are easy; Champions League run where we played and beat most of the best teams around at the time, namely Lazio, Deportivo La Coruna, Anderlecht, AC Milan etc. Being the last team to win the real First Division before the money of the Premier League took over. Seeing my team actually win at Wembley albeit in the Charity Shield (4-3 against Liverpool)

And finally seeing us beat Manchester United many times at Elland Road.
The five best and five worst players you have seen play for Leeds and why?

Gordon Strachan was absolutely superb from start to finish of his career at Leeds; he was the main driving force in reviving a team going nowhere.

Eddie Gray was always my hero and still is today, a real star of his generation and still close to the fans and club today.

Mark Viduka was as good as anything in the world when he wanted to be, anybody who needs reminding you need to just take a look again at how he took Liverpool apart in a fantastic 4-3 win, awesome.

Eric Cantona is a tough choice for any LUFC fan but credit where credit is due, he was a real showman and although he really made his name at some lesser club he was great to watch. You could almost say he was worth the entrance fee.

Harry Kewell has got to be in this top five due simply to his amazing young talent. He was coveted by all clubs across Europe whilst at Leeds; he had everything until a bad injury lost him that yard of pace. Iam proud to say we definitely saw the best of ‘H’.

The worst players list has got to start with Kenny Burns who became famous at Leeds for his crowd splitting passes. I know he was at the end of his career but there’s no excuse!

Then we add the great Ken De Mange, words canâ€TMt describe how bad he was but suffice to say the only time he got cheered was when he was substituted.

Chris O’Donnell is next, ‘who?’ you might say and you’d be right. He was definitely a makeweight in some deal. I remember standing with my uncle in total disbelief looking at a man who was wearing a Leeds kit that was obviously too tight for him and thinking is it April Fools Day. Not sure what Howard Wilkinson saw in him but he didn’t last long…

David Hopkin was a real disaster at Leeds, he came in a hail of glory after getting Palace promoted but sadly he never really reached those heights again. He faded badly and became the fans favourite boo boy!

Mark Hateley was very consistent at Leeds; he was awful all of the time. He looked like a 6″3″ Peter Stringfellow with died black hair. He had no pace, no desire, no anything.

How was the 2007/08 season for you?

Do I really need to answer this question? The season will certainly go down in LUFC folklore, we’ve never been the most popular of clubs but for the whole of last season I realised how generally despised we were. All things considered however I thought we did fantastically well to get in to the Play-offs but being Leeds we had to lose at the final hurdle.
What areas of the team do you feel need strengthening and who ideally would you like to see the club sign?

Not to many tweaks for Macca to make hopefully, I think we need a touch of real quality and know how up front to work alongside the still raw Jermaine Beckford. Midfield is a big talking point amongst our fans; we’re crying out for an athlete with vision so no chance of getting somebody like that in the 3rd Division, but we can dream. We’re pretty sound defensively so should be okay there.

How do you think the team will do in the upcoming 2008/09 season?

You can’t be a Leeds fan without being ridiculously over optimistic so I’ve got to go for being Champions of League One (not too much to ask is it?)

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