30 Days Wild in June 2019

“Try 30 Random Acts of Wildness in 30 Days! I’d love people to connect with the wildlife around them – I think lots of people don’t know how to do it… this is the perfect way to start and discover how you can make a difference. Where will your wild adventure take you?”
Gillian Burke, TV presenter, biologist and Springwatch presenter

You can join in here and I will hopefully post some of the Random Acts of Wildness I get up to with my son.

The pack you get when you sign up for #30dayswild


Postcrossing is a great idea I read about in a recent article in the weekend ‘i’ newspaper. Basically you send and receive postcards from all over the world, keeping the art of writing alive!

The idea is simple: for each postcard you send, you will receive one back from a random postcrosser from somewhere in the world.

I have sent five postcards to date and received my first one from Hong Kong –

The only downside in the UK is the cost of postage as £1.35-£1.65 per card is a tad expensive, but then posting items is generally nowadays.

It is all administered by the Postcrossing website and perfect for any age. Give it a try!

‘Let Nature Sing’ makes the Uk singles chart

Let’s celebrate bird song’s chart-topping success! Join the chorus
You did it! We’re sending you a huge, heartfelt thanks for helping get our pure bird song track Let Nature Sing into the charts at #18. What a feeling! It’s such a thrill to see what’s possible when people who love nature come together.

Keep nature’s music alive We released Let Nature Sing to make more people aware that there are 40 million fewer birds in the UK today than 50 years ago. You helped the track create a sensation – and now everyone is talking about it, and what needs to change. This is a real success.

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You helped make history!
Everyone needs to listen to this. Every year fewer birds are singing Adrian Tissier, Facebook
Played this to my grandsons. Lots of smiles and laughter Elizabeth J, Twitter
It’s lovely. It’s quite the rave at some points Donna Quinnie Quinn, Facebook
This party’s just getting started… Let Nature Sing is coming back for an encore this summer. We can’t wait to tell you about it. Be the first to know by signing up for the Chorus Hub now. Join the chorus

Big Garden Birdwatch Results 2019 – The RSPB

In my own Big Garden Birdwatch the house sparrow dropped from top spot, mainly down to the hedgerow being removed at the end of last year by Taylor Wimpey. Instead it was the starling at the top, followed by the sparrow, blue tit, long tailed tit and wood pigeons.

Since we have planted three new trees at the rear of the garden to go some way to replacing the lost hedgerow habitat, we have seen a few more sparrows plus a regular pair of blackbirds, a wagtail and even Jenny wren has been back to sample the delights of the bug hotel I made with my son last autumn.

Top spots

We can now reveal 2019’s results. Once again, the house sparrow has hit the top spot. At number two is the starling, closely followed by the blue tit and the blackbird.

The woodpigeon flies in at number five, followed by the goldfinch, great tit, and robin at number 8. The top eight remain the same as last year, so it’s a battle for numbers nine and 10. The chaffinch has seen off the long-tailed tit to be at number 9, and the magpie has crept in at number 10.
Read more here

Big weekend for Didcot Town

Didcot Town face an away trip to Berkhampstead, who could still sneak into the play-offs, then a tough home fixture against current league leaders Bromsgrove Sporting (they have won seven on the trot to date) on Saturday March 30th.

It was a blustery day when Barcelos scored a deserved equaliser for Didcot against Peterborough Sports, who are currently second in the table (Didcot remain fourth and in a play-off spot). I have to say I enjoyed seeing that goal and felt the same football fan rush I get when see Stoke score (which is a rarity at the moment…).

I would urge you to get along to watch your local non-league team as you are right by the action and the standard of football is better than many think.

Onwards and updwards #uptheDiddy #ComeOnStoke

The Big Garden Birdwatch is almost here

Share what you do with #BigGardenBirdWatch
From bird-box makers to bird-cake bakers, the Birdwatch is a chance to get crafty and creative. Will you be inspired by what our stars have been up to?  We’d love you to tell us what you do!

How will you #BigGardenBirdWatch? 

Nicky is a keen knitter and likes to knit the birds she sees: “The Big Garden Birdwatch gives me a chance to enjoy the birds in my garden. I can watch them and turn them into knitted versions.”   Get pattern
What was top in 2018? Last year’s most sighted
Find out which birds made the top ten in last year’s Big Garden Birdwatch. Will it be the same in 2019?   See results

RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch 2018

The house sparrow was the most popular bird seen on this year’s RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch (BGBW) and that was the top spot when me and my son did our bit for the BGBW. Not far behind though were blue tits and long-tailed tits in numbers spotted.

Interesting article on how to help encourage wildlife in your garden here.