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Thanks For The Memory show – Theatre Royal Hanley

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Stephen Beattie (who kindly supplied the photo below) contacted me regarding this particular show. If anyone can offer more information please contact me or comment on this post. Thank you.

The Black Watch Association Pipe Band played at the Theatre Royal on the 26th April 1987 for a show called Thanks for the Memory. We marched from the back of the theatre, down the aisles and up onto the stage where we played a selection of tunes. I can’t remember the name of the promoter, but would be delighted if you could add any more details about it.


I have asked a few fellow Theatre Royal volunteers and attached is the playbill from the show. We think Stephen Hearson, who sadly passed away recently, may have been involved on the musical side of things.

Playbill kindly supplied by the Theatre Royal Facebook group

1987-04-26 Theatre Royal Hanley

Andy & Mike’s Tick Tock Time Machine

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Sunday 19th January 2014 Theatre Royal, Windsor

A Sunday afternoon delight is what this show is, featuring Andy Day (of Cbeebies fame including Andy’s Wild Adventures) and Mike James (he’s done TV ads and works in IT!), who have teamed up to produce the Tick Tock Time Machine show. The shows premise is that Mike and Andy discover a time machine (or a toilet in a shower cubicle!) invented by Andy’s great, great, great grandfather Wally Bum. The duo travel back in time to medieval times and into the future where they do a good sketch on ‘Strictly Come Dancing’.

Like any good kids show it is very energetic, features audience participation (a mum and a dad will be picked as extra cast helpers), jokes/bad puns and sing-a-long songs. The main success of the show is the how well Andy and Mike team-up, with the funniest parts often coming via the ad libs when Andy forgot to move a prop off stage and later forgot his lines. Mike had a good natured pop at Andy’s Cbeebies career to date and many children would have left to return home singing the catchy but annoying Baby Bel song.

My son is five and enjoyed it a lot, joining in with all the actions and the best recommendation I can give it is that, when he got home he got his soft toys out as the audience and did his own version  of the show. He was even more delighted after the show with his photograph taken with the pair and a signed bookmark.

The show is touring throughout the year and it may even be make it as a future programme on Cbeebies.

Andy Mike 8

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