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Archive photos of the Theatre Royal, Hanley

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The Theatre Royal, Hanley Facebook page has uploaded a whole host of photographs from the pantos of the 1980’s and early 1990’s, along with the other shows and some backstage shots. Well worth a look.

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Memories of the Theatre Royal, Hanley – Brigadoon

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Stephen Beattie (Pipe Major) has provided some background to another Theatre Royal, Hanley show featuring the Black Watch Association Pipe Band

I have found another event which took place at the theatre involving pipers from the Black Watch Association Pipe Band.

It was Brigadoon by Lerner & Loewe.  The show was put on by The Porthill Players Amateur Society and ran from Monday 22nd June to Saturday 27th June 1996.

Director: Andrew Talbot

Choreographer: Michaleen Hilton

Musical Director:  Gwen Jones

The Cast:

Jonathan Fernyhough

James Freeman

Linda Slinn

Tracey Hood

Mark Hilton

Amanda Robotham

Bob Paterson

John Stone

Peter Cooke

Danny Noyce

Lisa Clarke

Trevor Mountford

Phil Bailey

Andrew Tooth

Ian Dutton

Liz Owens

Gary Edge

The solo piper played for the funeral in Act II, Scene 3:  The Glen.

Thanks For The Memory show – Theatre Royal Hanley

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Stephen Beattie (who kindly supplied the photo below) contacted me regarding this particular show. If anyone can offer more information please contact me or comment on this post. Thank you.

The Black Watch Association Pipe Band played at the Theatre Royal on the 26th April 1987 for a show called Thanks for the Memory. We marched from the back of the theatre, down the aisles and up onto the stage where we played a selection of tunes. I can’t remember the name of the promoter, but would be delighted if you could add any more details about it.


I have asked a few fellow Theatre Royal volunteers and attached is the playbill from the show. We think Stephen Hearson, who sadly passed away recently, may have been involved on the musical side of things.

Playbill kindly supplied by the Theatre Royal Facebook group

1987-04-26 Theatre Royal Hanley

Arise Sir Ken Dodd!

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Excellent news to see legendary comic Ken Dodd knighted in the New Years honours list. He still tours and performs, and you’ll always get VFM at one of his shows as some have been known to go on four over three hours!

Memories of the Theatre Royal Hanley – page updated!

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The page on the Theatre Royal, Hanley has been updated with some memories and photos from the production of the Hobbit.

Please do keep your memories of the theatre coming in as there is not a lot out there on this theatre and the various shows it has hosted in the past.

Happy sixth birthday to this blog!

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Blimey doesn’t time fly when you’re having blogging fun! Back in March 2008 I started this blog to cover music, books and mainly Stoke City FC. Interesting reading back in 2008 the Quick Five Q’s interviews with musician Eric Ragno, author Neil Daniels and more.

My two favourite parts have been compiling the Stoke City FC related interviews and the look back at the Theatre Royal Hanley which has become an unofficial message board for people trying to trace the theatre’s own dance troupe the Hanley Babes. I will endeavor to add more to this page hopefully soon.

Thanks to all the readers and better get back to blogging 🙂

1,000th post :)

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Blimey that soon crept up as it’s this blog’s 1,000th post. They recommend bloggers target their audience, I like to think of mine as broad minded bunch as I use a scatter gun approach to topics on here, be it Stoke City, running, books, the Theatre Royal Hanley, promoting new music or little news stories that catch my eye.

I would like to use this post to thank all the readers of my blog and those who have contributed be it by answering interview questions or commenting.

Extra special thank you’s to:

My family (even my mum has been known to read this blog occasionally!)

Stoke City FC

This blogs top comments person Scott McNeish (top man bar his misguided supporting of Liverpool). The Arsenal fan who gave me grief over the Pulis years at Stoke has gone strangely quiet. Perhaps he’s off dusting down the Arsenal trophy cabinet in expectation it may host the FA Cup come May time.

Theatre Royal Hanley – gone but not forgotten, have some great memories of my time working as a front of house volunteer there

Bill Leslie and Dave Hunter who inspired me into this blogging lark back in March 2008

The bands and musicians whose music provides a soundtrack to life. Without music the world would be a duller place (well some bands can clear right off like One Direction for starters…)

Thank you all and please do continue contribute and comment 🙂

Dedicated to fellow Stoke City supporter and author Stephen Foster who sadly passed away in 2011