Uncle Sid interview

Time to catch-up again with Uncle Sid, who have just released a new album ‘Eye Rock’, their first in over five years. They have undergone a couple of line-up changes as well as drummer Dale Salive fills us in on what the band have been up to…

Could you tell us please what are you currently up to?

We are doing a few local Vancouver shows right now as well as working on a tour to Japan in the new year with U.S.A. and parts of Europe in the works for next summer. We are also working on our first DVD to hopefully be released in time for Christmas. I like to give a shout out to Vance Valach for all his help with the DVD and our bus. We also have a new single (Crime in Love) up on our new web site along with some cool Uncle Sid merchandize, cool live pic’s and much more. We have a new feature we’re implementing and that’s our new “Fan of the Month”, which we’re launching in November. I like to give kudos to Kirk for the awesome job he did on our new site. Our major plans are to tour as much as humanly possible in 2011 in support of our new CD “EYE ROCK!”.

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Could you take us through the new album ‘Eye Rock’?

I can comment on song writing process. Most of the time Henry will bring a lick to the table. Then Henry, Kirk and I will jam the idea until we get a somewhat smooth composition happening to give to Lor. Then Lor gets a recorded version of the ideas and then she brings the lyrics and melodies to the idea and adds or takes away parts to amalgamate everything go together. We then jam the idea and work out the bumps and there you go a song is born. As for stories behind the songs you’ll have to ask Lor that. I’m sure anyone who wants to know what they are about can contact Lor through her myspace at http://www.myspace.com/unclesid , she’s in the top friends and I sure she would be glad to answer anyone’s questions, check her out.

How did you hook-up with new vocalist Lor Dane and what happened to your previous vocalist Wolf?

We’ll I think that Wolf thought things weren’t going fast enough and he headed back east (T.O) and got into a more acoustic type style of playing. As for Lor, she is a blessing as she can really belt out the vocals. When we found her I had seen her online looking to get in a band situation and asked her to audition with us. Little did I know Kirk knew her from before, only before she saw we were looking for a male vocalist so she wasn’t interested. I’m really glad she came out second time around. I’d also like to say the same about getting Kirk in the band on bass, he moved here to Vancouver BC from Montreal the other side of Canada. It’s been working very well and we’ve become a very tight as a rhythm section which has made us a tight band as a whole. The music’s feeling really good, it’s awesome that we can go and kick some Rock’n Roll butt out there as a full on Rock band now. I can’t tell you how happy this makes the band and I feel.

With Lor on vocals how do you think this has changed the sound and dynamic of the band?

Well I personally think it has changed for the better. Lor has quite a vocal range on her which goes nicely with the music we are producing these days. The more shows we play the more Rock’n it gets. I think that dynamically we’ve kind of stayed the same as far as trying to bring the audience on some sort of musical roller coaster ride. Lor has lots of energy so she’s constantly working the stage back and forth between Henry and Kirk. Every show we do the audiences are banging their heads and pounding their fist in the air. We take that as a good sign and hope that continues where ever we play.

How is rock and metal music fairing in Canada generally? Is there still a big interest and how/easy hard is it for newer bands like yourselves to get exposure and become established?

I think the scene is good in any country to a certain extent. I really think that bands need to go play other countries then their own will except them, sad but I think it’s true. It’s happened to several Canadian bands I know. I think it gives fans a kind of WOW factor if you tour other countries. They say, wow a Canadian band traveled all that way, I’m going to see and hear what they’re all about. The net can give bands very good exposure but you really have to work it. Some bands just think it’s magic and fans just appear for you and you just have to sit there and do nothing. That’s not the case, Fans want to interact with the band members and you have to make yourself available to them. By doing this bands will find they’ll have more sales and more people coming to the show when you’re in town.

Are there any plans to bring Uncle Sid over to Europe at all?

We are currently working on getting hooked up with some Festivals ond other Shows around Europe next summer. So if you know anyone who wants a hungery Canadian Rock band that want to tour tour tour, please tell them to book us 🙂

Do websites like MySpace help get the bands music out there and do you think the days of the CD are numbered in this age of downloads?

I really think myspace and others like it can totally help a band. Like anything else though, you have to work it to get results. I just saw a band from Japan here in Vancouver that I met on myspace recently and I went to see them here in town. They said when we play Tokyo they would help us spread the word and they’ll be there to see us when we do. I think it’s an awesome way to network and make new fans. The net can give bands very good exposure but as I said before you really have to work it. Some bands just think it’s magic and fans just appear for you and you just have to sit there and do nothing. That’s not the case. Fans want to interact with the band members and you have to make yourself available to them. By doing this bands will find they’ll have more sales and more people coming to the show when they’re in town.

What have been the live highlights for the band to date and why?

Well for me, it would have to be backing Uriah Heep when Mick Box said to us that he watched the show and said we rocked. Uriah Heep Rocks! You don’t usually experience someone from a headliner watching your show and then saying something positive about it. That was so cool! We are looking forward to 2011 as I feel Uncle Sid will be back supporting other great bands such as them in the very near future.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time away from music?

I like to go see other bands. I like hearing and seeing new talent coming up from the trenches and see what they have to offer as well as seeing other bigger bands that inspire me to kick ass on my drums. I also love socializing and having a few brews as I’m doing it 🙂

for your fans…

Well Jason I have to tell you, we have some very loyal fans who’ve stayed with us through our hiatus and search for the right Uncle Sid combination. We feel we now have that combination. I have to say Uncle Sid Fans are the greatest fans in the World as they gave us the faith to keep pushing on through the hard times and now we are ready to Rock! Uncle Sid wants to give them all a big Uncle Sid Rock’n Roll Thank You!!!!! 2011 will see Uncle Sid ready to get on the road in the hopes to Rock each and every one of them! We hope we play in a town near you all. In the words of Ozzy, “I love you all!”

Keep Rock’n with Uncle Sid, you’ll be glad you did!

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