Southern California’s Jokers Hand will release their 8-song debut album ‘All-American Rage’ on December 7.

The band says. ““All-American Rage” melds together a variety of genres, but at its core is a rock record with a message. It was born in a place where the rich feed off the poor and the armed terrorize the powerless. It’s about a time when fear divided the masses and rage was the national currency. Joker’s Hand examines rage across various cultural contexts. “Hibakusha” addresses the use and fallout of the atomic bombs in WW2. “Comfortable” takes aim at the one we hate the most—the lover of the one you used to love. The title track “All American Rage” is a poignant attack on the ever-growing gap between rich and poor.”

Pre-order ‘All-American Rage’ here:

The album follows on the heels of the band’s recently released single and music video “Goth Girlfriend.”

Stream the track on DSPs:

Kevin Preston (Prima Donna, Green Day) has announced his debut solo EP ‘Caprice’, which will be released on January 21st via Wild Honey Records.  Kevin has now shared the title track, a slapback-drenched rockabilly rave-up that sounds like a rumble between the ghosts of Alan Vega, Vince Taylor & Gene Vincent. 


‘Caprice’ EP is a hot shot of new-old-stock rock’n’roll that rolls as much as it rocks; strolls as much as it struts, and shuffles as much as it stomps. This true blue rocker hails from the San Fernando Valley, just across the railroad tracks from Tinseltown. Kevin cut his teeth in the early 2000s as a teenager playing guitar in a revamped lineup of original 70’s-era Los Angeles punks The Skulls. Then he started up the rock group Prima Donna, moving to centre stage as lead singer. Prima Donna toured relentlessly, slowing down only to knock out a few records along the way and strike up a band-romance with Green Day who took them on tour a few times. That connection led to Kevin joining forces on guitar with Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong on two side-hustle bands over the years; Foxboro Hot Tubs (in 2008) and The Longshot (in 2018). In 2019, Kevin joined the Green Day band as touring guitarist/backing vocalist.  

Tracklisting: Side A – CapriceSide B1 – Close My EyesSide B2 – I Know Where I Stand

21 Song Album from Sleepy Gary

Every 21 Days Each of the 21 songs offers a discrete ode to the many iterations of love: at turns unrequited, sensual, half-hearted, budding, obsessive, and dearly departed. The album takes our standard notion of a love song and cracks it wide open.

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